Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lace cable photo mat

I cast on for the lace cable photo mat (another great project from Handknit Holidays...did I mention that I love that book?) on Saturday and just put the finishing touches on it this morning. For such a small project it sure did take a lot of time. I am thrilled with the results though. I knit it from Peruvian Silk in celadon (our wedding colour) and I think it adds a special touch to one of my favourite wedding photos. I hope I have enough yarn left to knit the willow leaf mat in a 5x7 size. I'd love to frame one of Julian's newborn pics in a similar but not too matchy-matchy way.

Speaking of the little guy, he has a tooth! It's not out all the way yet but you can certainly feel a sharp tooth there now. So one down, how many to go?


  1. The mat looks really good! I honestly don't think I'd have ever thought of knitting a mat for pictures...what a cool idea! I wonder how one would look around a cross stitch picture...

    Yay on the first tooth for Julian!

  2. Oooh, that's really pretty!! :)

  3. Anonymous12:09 p.m.

    1 out, 19 more baby teeth to go, my dear! :)
    Félicitations, Julian!!!
    t'en fais pas Anny, étrangement, même si les grosses molaires sont encore à venir, à chaque fois, c'est de plus en plus facile pour les petits bouts de choux... je suppose qu'on s'habitue à tout et qu'une fois qu'ils peuvent manger des "solides", ils arrivent à soulager leurs gencives plus facilement... je te jure, les grissols ont fait miracle vers 6-8 mois chez moi! :)
    ton cadre est absolument magnigique... quel beau souvenir!

  4. The mat is really pretty :). I have been browsing through your latest projects --they are wonderful.

    I agree with the face cloths--my little one is teething and the wet face cloths always help.

    Welcome to the Odessa KAL :).

  5. Anonymous9:33 p.m.

    I just bought this book and loved the knit photo mats! Yours looks wonderful!!

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