Saturday, April 29, 2006


Okay, so it's been a while since my last post but it's been an especially hectic week. We had our front door changed on Wednesday and then I realised on Thursday that (holy cow) my driving exam was Friday! So I thought it about time to start studying and I realised that I really don't have the capacity to concentrate on a textbook for very long anymore. Too many distractions. Too boring. And I know it won't be the end of the world if I fail. So instead I finished this:

It's the foxy pirate sweater from Phildar knit in Aviso. And the eighth time was the charm on the intarsia medallion. Check it out!

I ended up doing something you are never supposed to do. Are you ready for this? I didn't weave in all those ends. I knotted them instead! Gasp! And I don't feel bad about it. I realised that the reason the tension was always off and uneven the first bajillion times was because I weaved in the ends as I went and it caused the stitches to pull. I tried to knit more loosely to account for the change in tension resulting from the weaving in and that didn't look good either. Then I found a site (thought I don't remember which one) that recommended square knots. Let me tell you, it didn't take long to sell me on the idea. So I knotted all those ends and dabbed the knots with some 'fray away' to make sure there's no way in heck that they'll unravel and ta-da! It's nice even intarsia! Here are some stills.

But then I really had to study. Thankfully, I have the greatest most supportive husband in the world who took the day off on Friday to baby sit while I CRAMMED! My exam was at 2pm and I started studying at 9am. That's probably why I was so nervous going into the exam. I was convinced I would fail. Too many details. The subtleties of the french exam. Multiple choice (the worse kind of test ever). My knees were shaking as I waited in line for my turn. And I really don't know why because there's no big deal. Really. If I failed one of the 3 sections, all I would have to do is go back next week and retake the section of the test that I failed. And I could keep doing this until I passed them all.

So they called my name and I went to my assigned computer terminal to take the test. I took my time. Rereading every word at least 5 times before submitting my answer, held my breath to see if I got it right and I did. Question after question. And I aced it! Took a picture. A vision test. A gazillion pieces of paper to sign and then I got very own learner's permit! I'm so excited about it. Well except that I'm terrified to actually get in the car and drive! Good thing I have 8 months to learn and practice before my road test. So I haven't actually been behind the wheel yet (even though I have a permit to do so, yay!) and am not really looking forward to that part. I don't know if I should go out in a parking lot with Stephen first or if I should wait for the instructor? Well I have lots of time to procrastinate on that one ;0)

When I got home, there was a lovely little UPS package waiting for me on my back porch. It contained this gorgeous bowl:

It was handmade by the uber talented Jennifer of Knit Mama Knit and I was really excited to be her first etsy buyer (click here to check out her shop). I love this bowl! It is more beautiful than a photograph could ever capture and I just love to hold it.

I've been walking around the house with it trying to find it a suitable home. I haven't yet. So it's sitting in my lap holding the yarn, buttons and rick rack for my next project

I just realised last night that there are two yellow and orange Project Spectrum days left (including today) and I still have at least 5 projects in mind for this month. And part of me thinks it's still possible.

The totally deluded part! LOL!!! I can probably finish 2 things if Jujube will let me. Okay, maybe.



  1. Oh my gosh! Julian is so adorable. You should put the baby to work modeling. Earn his keep.The sweater turned out fabulous. Congrats on the test. I didn't get my license till my kids were 3 and 1 and have never looked back. Don't know how I managed without it.

  2. That is the cutest sweater EVER! I love it. Maybe it's the model? The model certainly does not hurt.

    Yay for getting your permit! Congratulations!

  3. Congrats on passing your test! I had to renew my DL early once (long story), and because I had to do it early they made me retake the written test! Ridiculous!

    Your sweater looks great - and I'm all for knotting those ends!

  4. Your sweet little Julian looks adorable in that pirate sweater. How clever on the intarsia. I am glad you got your learner's permit. I have driven a car since I was 21 and would not be without my licence. Just think of all the yarn stores you will be able to drive to when you want.

  5. Julian looks so adorable in his new sweater! You did a fabulous job on it too!

    Congrats on getting your learners permit, that is so exciting!

  6. Anonymous9:32 p.m.

    The sweater came out great!!!

  7. Beautiful baby and sweater!

  8. Ahhh, that sweater is soooo cute on that sooooo cute little boy. Julian is a lucky boy to have such a talented knitting Mommy. And now she'll learn to drive ... congrats on passing the test with flying colors ... you'll do just fine behind the wheel. Take it 1 day at a time!

  9. Anonymous8:32 a.m.

    that pirate jacker is super-adorable!

  10. Anonymous6:33 p.m.

    The pirate sweater is sooo adorable. You did a great job with the knitting, picking out the colors. What a happy little baby! Oh, and congrats on passing the test!

  11. Anonymous9:11 p.m.

    That pirate sweater is fantastic! I gotta tell you, that knot thing sounds better and better whenver I think about intarsia work. Great job on the test. Yay!

  12. Love the pics of Julian in his Pirate sweater. Especially with the dough hook. I took an intarsia class at stitches east and it really helped. I think the knot idea is great if you're more interested in the outside of the sweater than the inside!

  13. Arrrrggghh matey! That sweater is gorgeous. I find that with intarsia, weaving in ends as I go along is useless. It almost always looks...well...funny. I've learned to resign myself to it and sew 'em all in later when I can make sure they are going too look nice. However, that knot idea sounds wayyyy easier. Too bad I'm on an intarsia diet or I try it.

    Congrats on the permit. You'll be zooming around in no time.

    I hear ya on 10 months being an in-between stage. I remember feeling the same way. Some days I look at Claire now (17 months) and have trouble remembering the "baby". It really does go too fast, doesn't it?

  14. The sweater is really great Anny. I don't think the knots are a bad idea; sometimes we stress ourselves too much with this stuff. That kid - he is too cute! Congrats on your test; if it was the old days you'd be able to shop LYS's; thank god you don't need a license to shimmy up and shop at the computer. Your license will definitely give you more freedom though. I love the bowl.