Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

We've been busy bees these past few days gearing up to Easter Sunday. We're having both our families over for lunch after church tomorrow (today) and so like many of you, we've been cleaning and planning and shopping and cooking...well and knitting of course!

I finished Peter Rabbit today and faced my fear of embroidering a friendly face too. Ain't he cute. Julian seemed thrilled for all of 30 seconds then dropped it to the floor and crawled for another toy. Oh, well. Can't win them all. Maybe he'll have more interest in him during mass tomorrow. Afterall, he is holiday appropriate and quiet enough for church ;0)

I used this pattern but made lot of modifications: I made it 25% smaller because I only had 17 yards of the navy yarn left and ran out before getting to the crotch of the pants so I printed out the pattern and basically multiplied every number by 0.75 and rounded up or down for my smaller version and it worked out great. Oh, and because I think it's hilarious, here's a picture of Peter in the making...

I knit the whole thing in the round to avoid seaming which looks so much neater this way than it would have with a seam running down the back. I also changed the ears: I didn't really like how the garter stitch looked so I worked a 10 stitch tube, folded each end lengthwise on itself and tacked it closed about 5 mm in from both the top and bottom to give it that bunny ear shape.

I'm glad I finished it too because the mailman rang on Thursday to drop off this:

How cool is that? It is the Palette sampler from Knit Picks. I ordered it to knit a nativity and advent calendar like these (scroll down and click on each booklet to see a preview of some of the pieces - amazing stuff, eh?). Talk about an early start! I figure, if I don't start now I'll never get it done in time for Christmas (especially since I'm going back to work in July). Plus, this way I can knit the pieces according to the Project Spectrum colour sequence. Ah, multitasking! So the yellow angel is first. Notice I got some orange sock yarn too which I'd also like to start this month but first, I have to finish my sisters' socks first.

And, because no post is complete without one, here's a picture of Julian on the swings yesterday.

We went to visit his cousins G and T and were compelled to go to the park together. The weather is just great these days. We took out our patio swings and barbecue too and are living it up like it's July! It's great! Burgers on the grill anyone?



  1. Peter is so cute! What a great Easter knit. Your box of Palette is so pretty - can't wait to see it all knit up! Have a great Easter!

  2. Peter Rabbit is just adorable! And a perfect church toy. Happy Easter.

  3. No Easter is competely without hand knit bunnys. Bunnys aside, have a great Easter full of good food, lots of fun and family love.

  4. The bunny came out adorable! The smaller size is really more convenient for a baby, too.

    We think alike for our projects! I've been planning a knitted nativity, m'self :)

    Thanks for your kind comments the other day.

  5. That rabbit is sweet. I might have to make one of those myself.

    The palette sampler looks so gorgeous in the box I'd have trouble actually knitting from one of them (yes, I'm odd).

  6. Peter Rabbit looks fantastic! Job well done.

  7. Oh how sweet! Happy Easter!

  8. peter bunny is too cute - as is julian swinging. happy easter!

  9. That sampler is wonderful. The bunny is sooo cute, and the pic of Juilan is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  10. look. at. all. that. yarn.
    my gosh, you must be in heaven.

  11. Your bunny is even cuter than the original! The sample of yarn is fabulous...I don't even know what I'd do with all of that...I'm not very good at picking projects...just admiring other people's projects! I know you'll make adorable things with all that yarn. How 'bout knitting me some moving boxes (and some movers!).

  12. Ah, Peter and Julian are both adorable!
    You're a knitting diva!

  13. Anonymous5:10 p.m.

    What an awesome idea that sampler is!

    Your bunny is so adorable. And knitting it in thround! You are so smart!