Friday, April 21, 2006

I'd so knit that

So my favourites folder was starting to get ridiculously long. So long that despite organising everything in folders, I still had to scroll down forever to get to the bottom. So I asked myself, self, why don't you just post them all on the blog so that you can easily find them and lead other like-minded knitters to them as well. Good idea, eh?

Oh, and check often if you're looking for cute free patterns. I'll put them here as I find them. I also made that snazzy button on my sidebar so that it will be easily accessible.

Okay, last thing before I hit you with the links, if I've linked to one of your patterns and you would rather I didn't, just drop me a line and I'll remove it. It's just that easy ;0)

Asterisks denote French language patterns.

pull, short et chaussettes marin*
raglan baby sweater with collar
seamless yoked baby sweater
cashmerino aran baby raglan
duo short sleeve sweater
daisy hooded cardi
anouk jumper
blu jeans
poppy hat and mary jane socks
miss dashwood hat
lil' devil baby hat
cabled baby hat
pineapple hat
cupcake hat
lady bug hat
baby beret
viking cap
estonian lace baby blanket
wild stripes blanket
baby mittens with lacy cuffs
toddle scarf
picot edge preemie scoks and bonnet
Christmas tree hat and elfin socks
made with love layette
*new* lacy rib baby socks
baby fixation socks
baby 'ugg' booties
BB ripple socks (scroll down)

roll neck aran
girl's fair isle cardigan

another cute cardi*
blouson et bonnet*
blouson zippe*

very cute cardi*
pull jacquard
top a bretelle*
pull raye*
top-down mittens for kids
lovikka mittens
toddler socks

ribbed cardi with patterned cuffs
another fair isle sweater and hat
yoked fair isle sweater
theresa's red sweater
gilet a manche 3/4*
pull ouvert no 867*
pull col danseuse*
fair isle sweater
veste irlandaise*
shrug and tank
cable cardigan
cabled capelet
lacy cardigan
a poncho (gasp)
gilet no. 172*
aran sweater
ribbed shrug
pull evase*
gilet en v*

ribbed raglan with funnel neck
norwegian half-zip sweater
dropped shoulder fair isle
anniversary sweater
pull en v raglan*
pull zippe*
pull col v*

spring grass and orchid socks
basic sock pattern in 8 sizes
samantha's fixation socks
crooked cable socks
fern leaf lace socks
falling leaves socks
cable sock pattern

river rapids socks
sheri's lace socks
cable twist socks
cable twist socks
mata hari socks
cable kilt socks
hedera socks
thuja socks

good ole cabled scarf
my so-called scarf
mscs alternate
one hour scarf
besotted scarf
cozy lace wrap
wavy scarf
DNA scarf
snowdrift mittens
lovers' mittens
live dangerously - don't swatch hat
fluffy hat with satin bow
esther williams hat
odessa beaded hat
monmouth cap
coif headband
mary jane style slippers
plain jane slippers

felted wool and angora bunny
cabled hot water bottle cozy
zinnias flowers to crochet
hand puppet puppies
fisherman stocking
loch ness monster
sock ornament
knitted bunny
ice cream hat
peter rabbit
mr. flurry
yarn balls
pasha (penguin)

modern-ish kitchen towels
lighthouse cloth
sailboat cloth
teacup cloth
apple cloth
love cloth
H cloth

charity patterns from P2 designs
shawl pattern resources
sock knitter's homepage
knitting pattern central
Bev's country cottage
socknitters patterns
stashbuster ideas
Marnie Maclean (great stuff!)
knit animals
knitlist gifts
faery crafty (a million shawls...well, almost)

top down raglan
set-in sleeve cardigan
set-in sleeve pullover
drop sleeve pullover

chinese button knot


  1. Thanks so much for the great lists! I am especially excited about the egg pattern - my grandma used to crochet egg covers (for plastic eggs) and I was just saying to the hubby that I was going to look for a knit version to make for next easter. Even better!

  2. Anonymous2:03 a.m.

    wow! thanks for the list. could be dangerous for me, though, as my "to-knit" list is already longer than what i could reasonably complete in a lifetime!!

  3. Anonymous4:18 a.m.

    Hi from Austria! Thanks so much for sharing this list, I'll have to check through it thoroughly right away - and probably end up with a "Must have and do" - list that might provide me with work for the next 400 years! :)

  4. How handy! Thanks.

  5. Awesome job Anny!!!

    I was just noticing the sleeves on your seamless yoked baby cardi ... the sleeves on the ones I have done look longer than yours. I guess have the tendancy to like/knit things for kids to be very long sleeved (unless they're supposed to be short sleeved, of course) because both my kids have loooong arms.

  6. Wow, what a great list!! That's a lot of work to put together ... you're a peach. I so want to knit some of the whimsies for my great-grandchild. Love that rabbit ... Thanks!

  7. Thanks for sharing your list!

  8. Anonymous12:52 a.m.

    Thanks so much for these great links!!!

  9. Didn't check out all the links, but I love the socks! I have some of the same patterns bookmarked on my browser. I especially like the Thuja socks and River Rapids. The mannequin leg modelling the Hedera socks really creeps me out! I definitely love making socks, despite the recent problems I had with the Demon Socks. Thanks for the resources. I plan to check them out more completely later.


  10. Anonymous1:26 p.m.

    Thanks for the great links to the baby patterns, I teach antenatal classes so am never short of babies to knit for & it's a great way to clear out my 'ample' stash. It'll be great having a few new patterns to try. Thanks!

  11. Anonymous9:59 p.m.

    I love this list! Thanks so much for posting your finds!f

  12. Anonymous5:31 p.m.

    It's time to check your links! is dead! LOL

  13. Anonymous12:06 p.m.

    Those links were great! I'm new to knitting and am always on the lookout for sites to help me. I wanted to pass along a website I found that has several basic how to videos with knitting tips. I'm not sure if you're interested in how to videos, but I found these useful when I was just starting out.

  14. great blog. I'm new to knitting and blogging and I love your patterns. I'm going to try to Anime hat for a baby shower gift.

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  16. Thanks! Very helpful post!! like the template especially btw ;)

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    keep it up.

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