Thursday, April 06, 2006


In the spirit of Project Spectrum, I did find a few new projects with some orange in them ;0) First off, this uber cute pirate coat for Julian. I placed the yarn order with my LYS a while back and it arrived yesterday. You can't see it very well in this photo, but the back has a large intarsia medallion with a picture of a foxy pirate. This will be my first significant intarsia motif and I'm hoping for the best. The pattern is from another Phildar magazine called "Tricotez Calin No. 428" from Spring/Summer 2005.

I started it this morning and compared to the Anniversary Sweater, this one is flying by. After 4 days, here's how much of my husband's sweater I got done (below). Sad, eh? Oh, and what's that in the background? Why it's my driving manual! Yup, that's right, I'm working on my new year's resolution number 4! I registered for a driving class and started the theory on Tuesday. It was actually kind of fun. I was so worried that I would be surrounded by 16 year old boys, but the most amazing thing happened.

While I was finalising my payment for the class at the front desk, I noticed that another lady (about my age) came in behind me and was speaking English with the secretary. Turns out she was a little worried that she wouldn't be able to follow along with the French instructor. So I turned to her said that I was bilingual and would be happy to help translate for her (our instructor doesn't speak English) . She was relieved and thankful and came to sit next to me in the classroom where we started chatting before the class started. Turns out, get this, she lives 2 houses down from me!!! Can you believe it? We are both stay at home moms in our late 20s, English-speaking in this totally French suburb, sans driver's license, living 2 houses away from each other and somehow both worked up the courage to finally sign up this week. I think we'll be very good friends ;0)

In blogging news...

Have you heard of the Warming Grace project? Cynthia is putting together a blanket for little Grace who is bravely going through cancer treatment. I'm going to contribute a couple of 5 inch squares to the project. Check out Cynthia's blog for more details if you want to help too.

I also joined Krista's parenting-book-blog-along (that's not the official name for it...the idea is so fresh I don't think it even has an official name yet!). The idea is to read a parenting book together and share our thoughts and reactions after each chapter. Krista suggested a book by Wayne Dyer which sounds really great. Here are the chapter headings:

  • I want my children to value themselves
  • I want my children to be risk-takers
  • I want my children to be self-reliant
  • I want my children to be free from stress and anxiety
  • I want my children to have peaceful lives
  • I want my children to celebrate their present moments
  • I want my children to experience a lifetime of wellness
  • I want my children to be creative
  • I want my children to fulfill their higher needs and to feel a sense of purpose

I'm in for sure and can't wait to get my hands on this book. Don't you? Go on over to Krista's for more info or if you want in too ;0)

In the meantime, happy knitting!


  1. Anonymous6:47 p.m.

    I don't know if it counts, but I think it is very neat that you are getting your driver's license. I don't drive and I am closely approaching 30 (yikes!) I really wish I had the courage to do it. I am just too afraid of getting into an accident. It is neat that you will have companionship during the journey :).

    I will go check out the book club, sounds like something I can use in my life.

  2. Anonymous7:12 p.m.

    I was a late bloomer, licence-wise (26 when I started the course) and know that having a friend with me in the classroom made ALL the difference. I'm too snarky to sit in a room full of eager 16 year olds not to have someone to snark to! Seriously, though, it made me nervous to think of being in a room with them but I was honestly terrified to get behind the wheel at first.
    The great thing about taking a driving course is that you really have a chance to take your time and get help from someone you're not related to. You can ask all of the silly questions you can think of and if you fall apart, it's okay. They're there to help you find your courage and the skills you need to learn safely. And it's really great that you'll have someone else to talk to who is about the same age and going through it too. Good luck!

    In other news, so glad you're contributing to Grace's blanket too. You're such a beautiful knitter and this is such a heart-warming project. Funny how we don't even know this little girl but feel so moved to do this for her. Her aunt is a pretty special lady to do this for her.

  3. That little pirate sweater is adorable! cool is that, that someone so close to you is in the same driving class you are! Hopefully you'll be able to develop a friendship, and if she doesn't can always persuade her otherwise ;o) lol!

  4. Anonymous6:55 a.m.

    Wow- maybe you two are kindered spirits!

    That is so neat.

    Hey, Anny, I don't think I've mentioned this, but we are putting Aidan in French school. Neither Chris nor I speak french, but we want Aidan to be able to. He starts in September. Haha, I might need your phone number to ask for your help with his homework!

    Also, thanks for mentioning the parenting book blog along (or whatever we are going to call it) I don't really know how to go about "advertising" it except to put it on my site, and hope that interested people will find it.

  5. That's going to be a great jacket for Julian. So neat to meet someone so similar in such a coincidental way. I often find that the hubby sweaters take too long compared to ones for the boy.

  6. Congratulations on going out to driving classes!! Yay!! That is so awesome you met someone, and what a cool coincidence she lives only 2 doors down from you. :)

    THe pirate sweater is adorable. :)

  7. Love the jacket you'll be knitting. As for driving classes ... Fate is at hand! So much nicer to have a new friend learning along with you. You'll do great! And how convenient to be 2 doors away? Does she knit?

  8. Congrats on the new friend. Strange how things like that happen!

  9. I have had that book since it first came out (my oldest is 24 and youngest is 4 months old) You'll love the book and Wayne Dyer is a great person. Very insopiring to not let life get you down. As always, I love what you are knitting!!

  10. Sounds like driving class is going to be a lot of fun. I hear they finally changed the rules so you can now turn right at a red light in Quebec. Whenever I'm there I'm always scared to death that I'm going to get a wicked ticket!

    That pirate sweater is adorable.