Monday, June 19, 2006

Catching up!

So hubby turned 28 last week...and today I've finally caught up. It's my 28th birthday and boy am I happy to not be an odd number anymore! I have a weird thing about odd numbers and the letter "v" and I really don't know why. I'm not otherwise superstitious or anything. It's just one of my myriad quirks ;0)

Anyhow, now that I got our mutual card back, I can tell you a little more about it. Many many moons ago, while shopping for a card I came across this Easter card and I couldn't contain the giggles! I love it and even though I don't exchange Easter cards with anyone (does anyone?) I couldn't resist it and had to have it. When Stephen's birthday came around later that Spring, I came across it in my gift closet and wrote a special birthday message for my then super hot boyfriend (he's still super hot btw, but he's my hubby now ;0) and a post script asking for the card back!

He obliged on my birthday the following week by writing a special message for me and returning the card. We frame for the rest of the year and when our birthdays come around, we take it down, write a message and gift it to each other. We've been exchanging this card back and forth for 6 years! And we're running out of room ;0) It's really fun to read back through all the old messages. We've been together for almost 9 years and have shared this card for 6 of needless to say that many big life moments that have been recorded in this card: graduating from university, landing new jobs, getting engaged, getting married, being pregnant and this year, messages we're penned by Julian! I love it and look forward to getting it back every year. A mutual birthday card among lovers: priceless ;0)

I've also been working hard on my Knitting World Cup project . I've finished knitting and seaming all 16 squares for Julian's activity blanket and am thrilled with the result. I used the mitered square pattern from Mason*Dixon Knitting. The squares were fun to knit and only took about 90 minutes to knit up (each) and that 90 minutes includes chasing Julian around and removing him from illegal zones! The only downside to his blankie? The downside! Imagine 64 ends to weave in! It's a mess under there but I'm getting there. I considered making knots and trimming the ends, but I sucked it up and decided to do the right thing and actually weave in all the ends. This is what's left:

Now for the border and nursery rhyme characters...

ATTENTION FRUSTRATED BLOGGERS: If, like me, you have been having a hard time uploading pictures to your posts, try selecting "none" in the layout section of the blogger picture uploading form. It just worked for me! I can't upload pictures by selecting the "center" layout - I get the "successfully uploaded" screen but when I press ok the picture doesn't appear in my post. With no layout (i.e., "none"), no problem! Try it ;0)


  1. Anonymous12:54 p.m.

    Happy Birthday to you! The blanket looks wonderful, and I love the card.

  2. Happy Birthday! You and your dh were born in the best.year.ever ... 1978! Just like me! You are a month older than me (my bday is July 17th) ... 1978 rocks! LOL

    Love the mutual card. That's very sweet.

    The blanket looks great. I just ordered Mason*Dixon's knitting book ... I hope I love it as much as you do!

  3. I love the blanket.... and Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Anny! I wish you all the best in the coming year! The blanket looks terrific and I am very glad you sucked it up and knit in the ends; being who you seem to be it would have driven you to distraction in the long run. It looks really fantastic!

    Blogger sucks!

  5. happy birthday annykins!

    p.s. try going into internet options right before you try to upload a picture and clean out your cookies. then it should upload fine. you may have to do it everytime, but since i have done that it's all worked smashingly.

  6. Happy birthday!

    That blanket looks awesome.

  7. Happy Birthday! Love the card - such a sweet idea.
    And the blanket looks great! You are a machine!

  8. Love the mutual b'day card (hey I've seen that card too) and you'll just have to add the pages too it (hole punch & ribbon might work). BTW, love the blanket ... you knit like a dynamo girl! Happy Birthday!!

  9. Cute card thing. Corny, in an ever-loving kinda way which never did a marriage any harm!

    The blanket looks awesome - I like how the different coloured lines make your eyes re-focus to see that they are lined up. It took me ahile to get used to that effect on my Noro Squared afghan too. A little dizzying if done with alcohol.

  10. Happy Birthday! I have an aunt and uncle that did a similar thing with a card for 40-something years. I always thought it was sweet (they kept it to a line a year so they'd have room for a while).

  11. Happy Birthday Anny! The blanket is gorgeous and I have really enjoyed reading about you, Stephen and Julian. I feel like you're old friends! I've been away from my blog packing and otherwise panicking about the move, but I hope to catch up.

    P.s. I've seen that card too and can't help but giggle myself!

  12. Happy Birthday to you both. My Grandfather and a friend of his sent the same card back and forth for years. They added quite a few pages to the back in the later years.

    Loved the Slideshow from father's day. So cute.

    Thanks for the blogger suggestion for pictures. I'll give it a try.