Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Date night!

But first, some long overdue knitting content! Well I've been working on Julian's nursery rhyme blankie (my Knitting World Cup Project) every chance I get and yet it looks pretty much the same as it did 2 weeks ago! All the squares have been knit up and sewn together and all the fiddly ends woven in (oh, that's where all the time went ;0) I also picked up all the way around for a mitered and hemmed border. And just started embroidering a message for my little guy and it is very... slow... going.

I'm embroidering it on using a crochet hook (I keep the working yarn underneath and pull loops through to make the letters), making it up as I go along and ripping it back as necessary. It's working out great so far and is a lot better than all the other techniques I tried first - fair isle, duplicate stitiching, and needle embroidery. It's also a lot easier to fiddle with and the most flexible. I also started working on little piggie prototypes for the "this little piggie went to the market, this little piggie stayed home..." rhyme and even put in an afterthought pocket in the blankie to keep the piggies in.

I can't wait to get the border finished. It seems like I've been working on it forever. I've been waking up every morning this week with the hopes of finishing it "today" and yet still have so far to go. One thing is for sure though, I'm not going to finish it tonight because tonight is the kick-off concert for this year's Montreal International Jazz festival and the hubby and I have a date with the King of the Blues, that's right, the legendary B.B. King is performing at the Place-des-arts de Montreal and we're so there baby ;0) We bought the tickets way back in January and have been anticipating the big 80th birthday show every time we go to the fridge (the tickets have been up there for months).

When we were dating, we used to go to 5-6 ticketed indoor show a year and sadly now average 1 per year and BB is it this year! We've caught his show twice before and he is still my favourite all-time performer. If you ever get to catch his show, you must! He's the top of my list for best performance at a live concert right ahead of Bob Dylan, Diana Krall, the Mardi Gras B.B, and Norah Jones. Ah, how I love the Montreal Jazzfest. I'll tell you more about it over the coming weeks. Can't wait to take Julian to the day concerts. So exciting...

Anywho, gotto go paint my toes and toss my hair.

Mama's got a big date tonight ;0)


  1. wow.have fun at date night.
    i haven't been out on a date w/ hubby in....i can't remember.
    you totally deserve it!!
    i had the chance to hear joel parisien ( who has played with LMT connection ( and opened for BB.
    (this site will show you a picture with bb)
    he was awesome..but alas, not the montreal jazz fest.
    have a great time!!

  2. Anonymous6:43 p.m.

    The blanket is coming along SO nicely - this is sure ot become a cherished heirloom!!

    Have a great time on date night! BB King should be such a fabulous show!!

  3. I just love the colors and the embroidery on the blanket. It looks like it must have taken a lot of work. You deserve a night out!

  4. Hope date night was fun! I love the blanket. Such great colors. And a technique I'll have to try for the embroidery. I'm much better with a crochet hook than a sewing needle.

  5. yay anny! date night! we actually went on a date wednesday too, although i had a margerita at dinner and the cheap tequilla gave me hives - not so romantic :-(
    how cool that you're seeing BB. hope you had a WONDERFUL (hive-free) date night! oh la la!

  6. Loving that blankie- hmm- maybe I am not too old for one? (47????) Oh well.
    Have a fabu date-I think I have enjoyed my post-children dates even more than the pre-kid ones!

  7. That's like ... totally psychedelic man. I love it.

  8. The blankie looks great! So nice and colourful! The embroidery is looking good too. I've not done any of that, but I imagine it is time consuming.

    Hope your date night went great. I haven't had one of those in

  9. Loving this blanket ... and I know you'll be so pleased when it's done. Where did you find your finger puppet patterns? Or do you make them up yourself? Such a nice touch along with the embroidery! [crochet embroidery - who would have thought?] Nice work!!

  10. Anonymous12:10 a.m.

    wow! you're my hero for sucking it up and just weaving in those bajillion ends! What yarn is it? The colors are so vibrant.

  11. How was your first day back to work?