Sunday, June 04, 2006

That works too!

Well I haven't written up the pattern for my baby kimono pattern yet (because I have to deconstruct the actual thing to figure out how I did it in the first place LOL!!), but that didn't stop me from working on my second original pattern. May I present the bunny pocket cardi:

My sister is in Algeria for the summer getting to know her in-laws better. She asked if I would knit a little something for her new sister-in-law who is expecting twins next month. No one knows the gender (or if they do they're not telling, nor hinting) so it's another neutral knit. It was looking a little boring so I added some carrot buttons and a finger puppet bunny in a pocket for whimsy. I quite like it ;0)

Now all I have to do is knit another one just like it! Well, at least it's just twins, right? Could be worse! LOL!!! No seriously. Imagine knitting for quints?

In other news, Stephen and I thought of an ingenius (we think) way to get Julian to nap during the day without the swing. I love that swing. Evidently so does Julian. He only goes in it to nap and it's the only place he'll have a nice long restful nap during the day. But the maximum weight limit is 24 lb and he's now 23 and a half butt naked with no diaper! Time for a new solution. He won't nap in a playpen (reminds him of the bars of his crib). And won't nap in his crib (hasn't slept there a night in his life) because, well, it's nicer tucked in between mommy and daddy in their king sized bed ;0) So what to do, what to do? Ding-ding-ding:

We took the mattress out of his crib and made a "big boy bed" in a corner of our living room. Worked like a charm! When he wakes up, he just crawls out on his own and comes to play with mommy or daddy. Marvellous!

We had a great weekend of lawn enjoyment too... Though ever notice that when it comes to home improvement, the more you do, the more you need to do? Stephen and I were really b-b-b-b-bad with the spending this weekend. It started with the grass earlier in the week. K-ching! Then we picked up a mower. K-ching! And a baby pool and other wonderful things on sale at Toys'R'us. K-ching! And a gazebo for our balcony. K-ching! And a video card for daddy. K-ching! And a 21 foot above ground pool! K-ching! K-ching! K-ching!

Good thing I'm going back to work in a few weeks, eh? Once the pool arrives, I'm sure we'll need a bajillion other things. Oh and a fence! And a deck! And those pretty rocks around the pool! Oh, yeah and I can't forget about the pool noodles and mats and balls, and rings... And we need bathing suits. And towels! You know what else we should get, a clothesline to hang our towels to dry... oh, and some garden furniture... oh and plants... and a trellis...

It never ends, does it?


  1. What a gorgeous cardigan. I love the carrot buttons and the little bunny in the pocket, so cute. Spending money is what we do too but alas it is only for bills. Lucky you to buy all those nice things for your garden.

  2. your designs are GORGEOUS!
    i love the slimey.
    you could totally sell these patterns now!

  3. Spending money is so much fun! It can be stressful, but hey you can deal with stres, you just bought a pool to relax all that stress away in. *lol*

    The cardigan looks great. Adorable!! :)

    Maybe once Julian gets used to the mattress you could put it back in his crib and try it in there again. How is he doing with the sleep crawling?

  4. My babes thought cribs were evil, too. Well, Kidlet 1 thought naps were evil and Kidlet 2 preferred to live in the baby sling, but would consent to being put down in a cradle, on the bed or on the floor.

    Fill the crib with laundry or yarn. ;-)

  5. You are on FIRE! I love the bunny cardigan. Very, very cute. You'll have your own book of patterns in no time!

  6. Anonymous1:17 p.m.

    Too cute.

  7. i laughed so so hard at that picture of angel jujubee resting in his bigboydaybed in the living room. and look at you two shopoholics go - major buying weekend, eh? and i thought iwas bad buying a few things on etsy and piddleloop on friday ;-)

  8. Anonymous1:59 a.m.

    Ah, it is beautiful. The little rabbit is a great touch!

  9. Houses are such money pits! I comfort myself with the knowledge that it's all (well most of it) an investment. Yeah, that's it. An investment.

    The little bunny cardigan is sweet - I'm sure that the babies and their mom will love them.

  10. No, it never ends, but it's just money, right?? And besides, you'll be raking it in with your Annypurls knitting industry. You'll have plenty to splurge for a gardener and a pool boy! Best wishes...r

  11. Anonymous8:27 p.m.

    This is a completely unrelated comment, but I am wondering if you know where I could buy handmade items like the beautiful things you make? I am not a knitter, my art interests lead me in other directions, but I love the things you make. Can you refer me to any web sites or places to buy handknit items?



  12. I think it's time to start putting these patterns to paper. I smell a book coming!

  13. I love your baby cardi and the carrots buttons! Are you going to make cardi #2 identical?

    We also got a swimming pool about 3 weeks ago but we were only able to use it once as it has been rainy and chilly since then... Bummer! We had lots of fun in our yard that day though!

    Your "Big Boy Bed" seems to be a great idea! My 15 month-ol shows signs of urge of jumping out her her crib lately... I might follow your example...

    Isabelle aka Tricotine

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  15. Anonymous11:14 p.m.

    Oh my god. Anny, if Kerry's comment is not a sign that you totally need to go into business, I don't know WHAT IS!


    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that picture of Julian sleeping in the crib mattress in the living room. Seriously that is awesome. I was totally giggling, but you know- it isn't a bad idea at all.

    Maybe if I do that too, George will actually nap.

  16. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    That cardigan is gorgeous - those buttons are just too cute for words!

  17. Anonymous10:09 p.m.

    The carrot cardi is darling but the baby napping pictures (we love sleeping babies!) are the best!

  18. So like it. The cardigan is <3