Monday, February 26, 2007

S is for Shedir

First, I guess I should start with my newly mandatory disclaimer: I'm not having a baby! Well not yet, anyway ;0) Everytime I call Stephen at work, I can hear the anticipation in his voice and have to reassure him that it's okay, I'm not in labour yet and he can resume breathing! LOL!!! But still, I can't wait...really! I'm soooo ready to have this baby ;0)

In the meantime though, between all the daytime naps to make up for lemon's all night kicking festivals, there's still knitting to pass the time, relax and enjoy. This weekend, between the residual nesting and lots and lots of naps with poor little feverish Julian who's cutting not one but four big teeth, it was a baby shedir.

Actually, I should say my first baby shedir because I enjoyed knitting it so much that I immediately cast on for another. A smaller one. For a newborn. I knit the first one from less than a ball of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere (DK weight) on a size 3 circ using something from nothing's mods and ended up with a 14 inch circumference which I figure should suit a 3-6 month old but would be too big for a newborn.

The hat is surprisingly much so that it fits around Julian's almost 2 year old noggin! Though if you plan to knit it for an 18-24 month old like my Jujube, you should add another cable repeat before the crown shaping so that it covers the ears well but otherwise you don't need to make any other adjustments to the baby adaptation of the pattern.

Check out the crown shaping. As Grover would say, "is it not beautiful?" And this is pre-blocking too so it'll presumably look even better after a little bath ;0) Love it!

I knit it magic loop style and am totally coverted. I'm already wondering what to do with all those DPNs now that all I need are my trusty circs! That's how much I love magic looping. I had tried it before a long long time ago and it was a disaster so I decied it wasn't for me. I think the instructions I was following at the time must have been needlessly complicated because I was able to master the technique in no time flat following purlwise's magic loop tutorial. So simple really. And the best part? No ladders!

Finally, a pic of Julian and his baby in our brand new twin stroller. Now all we need is a little brother and for the snow to melt a little and we're ready for neighbourhood strolls and trips to the park. After being cooped up this long, a neighbourhood stroll sounds real good! Plus, I can't wait to see who else was pregnant all winter!

We live in a very young neighbourhood and there's always a new crop of babies coming...Stephen ran into our backyard neighbours at the donut shop this week and it turns out they're expecting too and are due in May! Yay! Plus, it's a boy too so there you have it, lolo already has a little friend near by ;0)


  1. I love the baby shedir hat, too cute. Poor Julian cutting 4 teeth at once, how awful for him. I am glad to see he likes his new stroller, and I am sure it will be a favourite pastime when his little brother arrives to hop in and go for a walk.

  2. How adorable!! Thanks for posting the link to those mods--I've knit a bunch of adult shedirs, but I think baby-sized ones are a great idea!

  3. cute hat! I am due in may with my first baby and I plan to do the "baby shedir"-inspired by yours. I need a favor from you- do you have the measurements you used for Jillian's knit-to-fit raglan? I want to do one, but I do not have a baby handy to measure. Thanks, Subha

  4. Oh I love the shedir hat. Really nice. Oh poor poor Julian ... cutting teeth is no fun. Hope they're thru soon and not bothering him once the new one arrives.

  5. love the hat love it love it love it! I need to get moving and get one done too!

    good luck! I know what you mean about hubby! I used to do the same....then went overdue so all that stressing...he'd answer the phone...whats wrong whats wrong.... well then don't ring me!!!!

    can't wait to hear your baby news and hope the teething ends soon


  6. That had is so adorable! I think I just love little things! You've inspired me to start knitting a baby sweater even though I don't have any babies to knit for! oh well, Hope one day I'll have a girl! Then I'll be ready

  7. Anonymous9:50 p.m.

    No fun about the 4 teeth, hope they are in soon.
    The hat is beautiful, I love the crown.

  8. Anonymous10:20 p.m.

    Yes it certainly is beautiful! I love you baby knits with the toggle buttons. I wish I could find the pattern for Phildar Layette Automne/Hiver 2002/2003. I love seeing pictures of your babies!

  9. The hat is adorable! I love it. :) That's funny about you having to reassure your dh that you're not in labour ... yet. I remember my dh was like that too. It's like "If I'm in labour as soon as you answer the phone I'll say "I'M IN LABOUR!!! ..." Men!! LOL

    Love the stroller ... Julian looks happy in it. We're keeping our tandem stroller just incase. Owen and my sister both think I'm having twins, so I figure better safe than sorry. LOL

  10. Don't throw away those dpns yet! I went gaga over Magic Loop and a year later am back in a dpn-kinda mood. Who knows why - maybe post-partum hormones? ;)

    Hope Julian is feeling better soon!

  11. The Baby Shedir is gorgeous! You did an amazing job modifying for baby

  12. Very, very, VERY cute!!!!

  13. I LOVE this hat! Can anyone direct me to the directions for the adult hat? I've been searching the internet and can't find it. Please e-mail me at

  14. The little hat is so cute! I'm going to have to try that pattern.

  15. Anonymous2:10 p.m.

    I have already made 2 Shedirs I love them so much! However, I agree the pattern is too big for a newborn. What modifications are you making to shrink it further? Thanks!