Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Logan's favourite things - a holiday meme part two

As promised, today is all about my little Lolo's favourite things. But first, a HUGE thank you goes out to everyone who jumped onto the Peace Baby bandwagon and to Whip Up and the Yarn Harlot who helped me spread the word. I am totally inspired by just how much was raised to date for the tremendous works of Doctors Without Borders all over the world. This is what the tally on the Peace Baby page looks like tonight...

Isn't that incredible! I am pleased as punch and can't wait to see little peace babies pop up everywhere as nearly 300 of you got the pattern so far! For anyone who might be interested in getting it as a kit, Bella Knitting will be offering the pattern and yarn for it on their new site which will launch shortly (I'll let you know when) and will donate proceeds of the pattern and yarn sale to the cause as well so it's an even bigger charitable bang for your buck. Here's a sample I just knit for Bella out of Cascade Pima Cotton (because we love wash and wear natural fibers for baby ;0)

And now, back to the little guy who inspired the whole thing. My little Lolo is 8 months old already and for anyone who is shopping for a baby this holiday season, I thought I'd share his tried and true very favourite things as part 2 of my home grown meme. So without further ado...

Top row: Skwish rattle (this one is actually put together with bungee cord and is really fun to skwish and enjoy the bounce back action. It is also very light and easy to grasp and was the first rattle both my boys were able to handle. The little wooden balls rattle ever so softly - like a little chime. Love it!), Weebles Storybook Castle (the first toy my 2 year old and 8 month old can play together! Lolo likes to make the moat go round and round and of course put the weebles in his mouth. They're big enough that I don't have to worry. Julian's been enjoying playing with it since he got it for Christmas last year), and board books in general but Billy Bunny by Maurice Pledger is a favourite first book in our house. Every page has a tactile component and it is an oversized board book which is pretty neat...this one appears to be on sale for $1 right now, just click on the link if interested ;0).

Middle row: Rainforest Jumperoo by Fisherprice (just like the good old Jolly Jumper with bonus toys, music and a height adjustable seat. Lolo looooves this one and has been jumpin' away since he was abut 3 months old. Great play station ;0), a silicone whisk (also a favourite of his older brother. Hours of entertainment and the only drawback is that I can never find it when I need it for pancakes!), and the Busy Ball Popper (this one is noisy, but giggles are practically guaranteed. The balls fly around to the beat of the music which is just a riot for wee ones!)

Bottom row: Kaloo Doudou Bunny (a favourite snuggly since he was a wee wee one ;0), Infantino Pail Pets (these were originally Julian's and they've been loved with the same fervour by both boys. One crinkles, one rattles, one squeaks. They stack, make great hats and carry other toys. Love, love, love - actually everything by Infantino is great!), and finally a wooden Haba rattle (these are such good quality wooden rattles in the most fetching colours. We have several different ones and Lolo really loves them. I prefer wooden non-toxic teethers to those scary plastic ones with mystery liquid inside! They're a bit on the pricey side but are totally heirloom quality - I'm saving them for the grandkids! - and make great gifts).

Wanna play my holiday gift idea meme. It's simple, just put together a little list of the things you and your family loves and include their ages. If you do it, let me know so I can check out your list and get some gift ideas too ;0)

Next up, my favourite things...and there'll probably be more than 9!



  1. I like this meme. I have a 10month old and appreciate the ideas with the holidays coming up. Also, I love your peace baby idea and I can't wait to get started on mine.

    Cheers and happy holidays

  2. Wow, that's amazing!! :) Awesome!!

    Those are some pretty great favourites. We have both the jump-a-roo and the regular jolly-jumper. Ethan loves them both. :)

  3. Anonymous9:29 a.m.

    Well, you've prompted my first blogger comment EVER! Thank you so much for posting your children's favorites. I am going to use a few of them for my little one. Before I read your post I had NO idea what to get her. Now my shopping is complete!
    Thank you, again.
    P.S. Your knitting is beautiful.