Monday, January 16, 2006

Presenting the Great Shoedini

One (of my many) quirks is that I have to have one foot out to the world at all times. When I'm all tucked in nice and warm under my duvet at night...there is always a foot sticking out in the cold night. I hardly ever wear socks or shoes in the house. At the office, I usually take my shoes off under my desk and always wear loafers or other slip-on shoes so I can discreetly take them off and put them back on during a meeting (or at the movies, or in the car...). I don't know why I do this. I just do. Sometimes, this releives nausea. Sometimes it cools me down. Sometimes it's just nice to feel the air between my toes.

When Julian was born, the resemblance with his dad was just striking. We were often stopped by strangers everywhere first because he was a baby and everyone wants a look-see, but then they were all struck at the resemblance and spent minutes looking back at forth and Julian and my husband listing all the features that were exactly alike. Now I love his dad and consider him the most beautiful man in the world, but it bothered me that our son seemingly had not taken any of my features or traits. Nothing. It was like my genes lost every fight. I was hoping to impart some Anny-ness through nurture 'cause it didn't seem like nature contributed much in that sense. That is, until the day he did this...

He likes to stick his foot out too! And he hasn't yet found a sock or shoe he can't work off. So tonight, we dubbed him the Great Shoedini! A suitable name I think ;0)

In knitting news, you'll remember that I started a Panta. In fact I even joined the panta-along. It looked cool. The yarn was nice. Heck it was even fun to knit. But my was it unflattering on my head once completed. Really unflattering. I could hardly look at myself in the mirror while wearing it. Then I mustered the courage to show my husband. He giggled like a schoolgirl. Apparantly it's not just in my mind, it is that bad! And I thought I had a pretty normal head. Guess I was wrong on that one. It is an FO though. Here's a pic of shoedini wearing it. It does look very cute on him, but then again everything does...

Well, it's back to sock knitting for me I guess! Oh, and check out Yarn Harlot's blog for details on the 2006 knitting olympics. I'm definately in. More on my event later this week. Go Canada Go!

Happy knitting!


  1. LMAO @ "The Great Shoedini" ... That's too funny. :) You're right, the Panta does look good on him. I'm sorry to hear though that you don't like it looks on you. I'm sure there is the perfect pattern for the perfect hat or headwear out there to fit you and look wonderful.

  2. LOL that's too cute! I have debated doing the whole Panta thing, but I know it wouldn't look good on me either so if I do make any at some point, they will have to be for others...or for the mitten tree at church at Christmas.

  3. The Panta does look great on Shoedini. I can't wait to see what you're knitting for the Harlot's Olympics. It sounds like fun to me. Craziness, but fun!

  4. OOoh thanks for the link! I joined the Knitting Olympics too!

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