Friday, January 20, 2006

Raglan joy!

I haven't been stashbusting in a while (I blame Christmas knitting) and yesterday the conscience got to me (right after I ordered more yarn from elann). Plus, I'm running out of room to keep all this yarn so I decided to look for a quick and easy way to clear out a couple of skeins to make room for the 16 balls of wool I should be receiving in 1-2 weeks!

I came across this gem of a pattern while looking for a simple roll-neck raglan pattern for an infant sweater. It does involve math (ugh) but it is so well explained and so simple that its worth whipping out the calculator for. The pattern is custom-fit for anyone in any size and with a wonderful seamless top-down construction. I came across it yesterday and am still feeling warm with excitement.

So I measured my little guy carefully, added some ease, confronted the stash and ta-da: my January stashbuster is on the needles. The yarn is really old stash. It's also unidentified which is totally okay 'cause the pattern is for any yarn and any needle size.

It's a real quick knit too. In fact, I'm already down to the arm-pit. This knit is flying off the needles. Bonus: I can try it on really easily as I knit to get the perfect width and length. As you can probably tell, I'm totally ga-ga over this pattern. And did I mention that it is free? Ah, the Internet!

I really feel like I've fallen in an alternate universe...


  1. It's so itty bitty!! Adorable. I really should whip up a couple for Brogan. Poor kid needs more sweaters and less long-sleeved t-shirts.

  2. That's a great pattern, thanks for sharing! What do you have planned for the 16 balls of yarn you ordered?

  3. I love the idea that you can try it on the baby while it's in progress. He's absolutlely beautiful. Take a look at top down for toddlers too. Great patterns.

  4. oh ,anny! you always have the best pics! and i love that pattern, i used a similar one to make v-necks for the duo a few months back. if you like knitting from the top down, definitely try to get a copy of barbara walker's "knitting from the top". it's out of print, but your library might be able to find a copy on loan. enjoy and have a great weekend!

  5. The sweater is looking great so far. The little fella seems to look as though he's thinking "What on earth do you think you are doing to me?"

  6. January Stashbusting ! what a Brilliant idea !
    i've just started a pair of mittens - for me - and i confess that i went out and BOUGHT new wool especially for them. couldn't help myself.

    Think i'll borrow your great idea and see what i can find to use ... now !

  7. Anonymous11:23 p.m.

    He is getting cuter and cuter that little guy!!!

    If I wasn't frightened of calculators and math, I would stash bust by knitting my guy one of those too.

    Good for you for dusting off the old calculator. I am in awe of your knitting goddessness, as usual!

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