Friday, September 30, 2005

100 things about me

  1. My mother tongue is French.
  2. I was married last year.
  3. I live in a newly built home surrounded by weeds.
  4. If we ever have a girl, my husband and I would like to name her Abbey (as in the best Beatle album of all: Abbey Road).
  5. We named our son Julian in reference to “Hey Jude” (written by Paul for Julian Lennon).
  6. My favourite movie of all time is “The Cutting Edge.” I once watched it 8 times in one day (sure got the most of my money for that rental!).
  7. I have a degree in Political Science and Community and Public Affairs.
  8. I hate politics.
  9. I was adopted.
  10. I have two older sisters (not adopted).
  11. I think I am over my love affair with shoes.
  12. Maybe not quite.
  13. Bright lights make me sneeze.
  14. Cleaning my ears with a Q-tip makes me cough (and I do stop when I feel resistance).
  15. I’ve seen B.B. King perform twice and would pay big bucks to do so again.
  16. I miss Martha Stewart Baby magazine.
  17. I regularly pick up Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Canadian House and Home, Style at Home and Cook’s Country magazines.
  18. I have a guitar but don’t know how to play it.
  19. I played the flute in high school and got to travel to The Netherlands and Germany with the Senior Band.
  20. My husband played the French horn in the same band.
  21. I’ve built a lot of Ikea furniture.
  22. I’m a Gemini.
  23. My mother is a fortune-teller.
  24. I don’t have a drivers’ licence.
  25. I craved pastrami sandwiches on white toast with a scrape of mustard during my pregnancy.
  26. I can’t felt because I have a front loading washing machine.
  27. I’m a few classes shy of a Photography Certificate from Concordia.
  28. I go to church regularly.
  29. I’m Roman Catholic.
  30. I grocery shop online.
  31. I’m 5’6”.
  32. My favourite feature length cartoon is Harry Nilson’s “The Point”.
  33. My favourite TV shows are The West Wing, Desperate Housewives, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Late night with Conan O’Brian.
  34. When I was little, I thought that as I got older, grown-ups would get younger and it would be my turn to boss them around.
  35. My favourite slush flavour is bubble-gum.
  36. I love Lowney Cherry Blossoms.
  37. I have a king size bed.
  38. I love Bob Dylan.
  39. My favourite Bob Dylan song is “Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues”.
  40. I like to pull weeds in Animal Crossing (Nintendo Game Cube).
  41. I don’t want my son to play with toy guns or with any violent action figures.
  42. I fell off the monkey bars and broke my shoulder in grade school.
  43. My favourite thing to do is snuggle with my honey(s).
  44. I have naturally wavy brown hair.
  45. My eyes are sometimes brown, sometimes green.
  46. I don't like talking on the phone.
  47. I would love to own a sailboat someday.
  48. I am nursing my son.
  49. I would like to have 3 or 4 children.
  50. My mother predicted I would have 5 boys followed by a girl (see number 23).
  51. If I get a cat, I would like to name it Marbury or Spartacus.
  52. I didn’t have any pets growing up.
  53. I like to hike.
  54. My husband and I are part of civic nation.
  55. I believe that love is the answer.
  56. I sleep on the left side of the bed.
  57. I take a bath every morning.
  58. I don’t like to shower.
  59. I once published an article in the Journal of International Marketing.
  60. I don’t really like chocolate.
  61. But I do love ‘em potato chips!
  62. I make a mean potato salad.
  63. I also make a great red pepper soup.
  64. But for some reason I can’t cook meat very well.
  65. Nothing beats a nap in a sunbeam.
  66. I’d like to have a dog but my husband is a cat person.
  67. All my linens are white.
  68. I like folding laundry…except for fitted sheets.
  69. I think Martha Stewart was treated unfairly.
  70. I read faithfully.
  71. I like my coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars.
  72. I’m addicted to Coca-Cola.
  73. I hate eggplant but otherwise love my veggies.
  74. I am a plant killer. I’ve been known to kill even ivy in less than a month!
  75. I look up almost everything on before buying.
  76. I met my husband in grade 7 religion class. We sat next to each other.
  77. We didn’t start dating until my last year of CEGEP (pre-university in Quebec).
  78. If I had a million dollars, I probably wouldn’t move.
  79. Some days I wish I was born rich instead of sooo darn good-looking! Heehee!
  80. I’d love to learn to quilt someday.
  81. I was an A student.
  82. I once took an online IQ test (at in the day) and scored 135.
  83. My husband scored 136!!!
  84. I am an associate director of research for a large communications company.
  85. I have the most caring, understanding and inspiring boss in the world.
  86. I am currently on maternity leave and not due to return to work until June 2006.
  87. I consider myself shy.
  88. I am debt-free. If I don’t have the cash, I don’t buy.
  89. I am head over heels in love with my husband.
  90. I would elect Oprah for President.
  91. I wish I had a better vocabulary.
  92. I am a small “l” liberal.
  93. The only Scholastics book my mom ever bought me was With Love from Booky.
    I read it 20 times at least.
  94. I can never buy only one CD or one book…got to look around the store some more and come up with at least two.
  95. “The thing is…here’s the thing.”
  96. I love chilli.
  97. In a fire, I would grab my husband, my son, my Le Creuset pot and our iPod. We could start again with those 4 things.
  98. I’m handy.
  99. I love pie. Strawberry rhubarb pie.
  100. I finished the green sweater.


  1. Welcome to the Letter Zed webring :)

    Im glad you signed up -- you knit so beautifully, and I look forward to seeing what else you create.

  2. found your blog throught he Letter Zed.
    your baby is divinely beautiful !

  3. I love your 100 things- and you really do knit beautifully...

  4. Do you share your red pepper soup or potato salad recipes? I found you a round about way: My SP10 is being spoiled by Lorena. So I now visit her blog and she posts recently that she received her invite to Ravelry. Hence, I take a look at Ravelry, having never heard of it. And as you probably know, you are on their 27 screen shots page. Your knitting is gorgeous and your photos of your projects have inspired me to rephoto my children wearing my knits. Thanks.

  5. The reason you cough when you clean your ear is a never that only a small part of the populating has--Arnold's nerve--I have it too:-) Cheesey but tru fact--I love all of you 100 things!

  6. Hey... you can felt w/ a front loader... "I can’t felt because I have a front loading washing machine." I live in the UK where that is all we have and I felt loads of things... honest... wouldn't lie...promise.

  7. This is such a cool post. I, too, am a regular-church-attending Roman Catholic who loves folding laundry (except fitted sheets), would much rather eat potato chips over chocolate, prefer Abbey Road over all the other Beatles albums, broke a bone in grade school by falling off of the monkey bars, hate talking on the phone, sleep on the left side of the bed, take baths instead of showers (I love Lush bath stuff), and I loved - I mean, I REALLY loved - watching The Point when I was little. I had the story on record and I was thrilled when my mom bought a VCR so I could watch it on the little screen.

    But alas, I have not finished the green sweater. Sufficed to say, I haven't even started it yet.

  8. I would love to have the recipe to your red pepper soup. Yum. my favorite but never made it.

  9. I absolutely fell in love with your navy Phildar Layettes hoodie. My best friend is having her first grandchild in Oct - the sweater would be a great Christmas present. I am having a time finding the pattern.Can you tell me the number of the Phildar book and page number?

  10. Hi, random browsing. You can felt in a front loader, just put stuff in, like jeans, to add some friction. And I didn't want my son to play with guns either, so he made them out of anything and everything he could find and became totally obsessed. The he carried a penknife everywhere with him for several years til his prized possession was confiscated by a policeman when he was about 14. Now he is a 21 and a chef and carries £300 worth of knives around in a fancy bag and is totally well adjusted, so it just goes to show you never can tell. much love Martine

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