Thursday, November 03, 2005


Adult sweaters take forever and are boring to knit! Granted I haven't had that much knitting time this week what with halloween, home renovation projects, housekeeping, Doctor's appointments for Julian and I and his 4-month vaccine. Every chance I got though, I knit on the Hringur sweater in Lopi 24 for my husband. The body is knit in the round and doesn't knit very fast. I have to knit up 38 cm before I can put the body on a stitch holder and move on to the sleeves. I'm at 29cm. This is taking forever. I want to knit on it exclusively so that I can get it done faster, but come on! IT'S WAY TOOO BORING!

My mom turns 60 on Sunday and I am hosting a birthday dinner to celebrate. A few of my aunts and uncles will be dropping by and since they have never seen the house, my husband and I are feeling pressure to finish up some of our renovation and decorating projects. Entertaining is such great motivation for us to get stuff done. I think every house project we completed had to be done before so-and-so comes to visit. If it weren't for visitors, we'd live in an untidy white house with no curtains, no pictures, no accent furniture and boxes everywhere! We also realised that winter is coming and that me must finish up all projects requiring ventilation pronto before it gets too cold to keep the windows open. So I've been putting on my painting gear and sneaking down to the basement during Julian's morning naps to seal, prime and paint the concrete basement floor. I'm happy to report that it's done!

Next up, we have to put up lots of pictures and it would be nice to fix our doors upstairs since 3 of them (including the bathroom door) don't close and the other one closes but springs open in less then 3 seconds! We watch plenty of Home and Garden telly and as a result constantly overestimate our handiness. The truth is though that we are actually not that handy. It's hard to admit, but it's true.

The good news though is that the big dinner is on Saturday and so everything should be back to normal by Sunday and I'll be able to get back to my knitting projects (can't wait). I'm already starting to panick about completing Christmas projects: I need to make a plan...



  1. Anonymous8:48 a.m.

    I bought tonnes of this very luxurious yarn in a moment of sheer insanity and I am knitting a garter stitch blanket with it. Zillions or rows of knit, knit, knit, knit, knit. It's been about a year and I am nowhere near done. It's become the mindless meditation knit. I empathize.

  2. The sweater may be boring, but it's going to look great once it's done.

    I'm not a very handy person either, so I'm lucky my husband is. But, him actually being handy and him actually doing something handy I need done are two entirely different things. *lol*

    I hope your life is back to normal now. :)

    Quick question. For the seamless yoked cardigan it says to use #4 needles ... is that #4 US or 4mm? Thanks! :)

  3. Hi Samantha, I used 4mm (US #6) needles for the seamless yoked cardigan using Bernat Softee baby.


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