Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's the thought that counts!

It was my darling husband's birthday on Monday and Julian and I improvised a great birthday dinner for our favourite guy! We took out the china and crystal, made lasagna, garlic bread with cheese and ceasar salad, put on clean clothes and waited for daddy to come home to light the candles atop his two-bite brownie cake!

I even pulled our mutual card out of it's frame and found a spot to scribble a new message. (I'll tell you more about the card when I get it back for my own birthday on Monday ;0) And his present? A pretty fly video card to enhance his computer gaming experience! He was a happy guy.

After dinner, we drove to my sister's house to hand deliver the bunny and kitty cardis and to give my niece the One Skein Wonder I've been promising her since Christmas! (I know, I know, I'm the last person in history to knit this!) I knit is from Schoeller Merino Stretch and totally fell in love with the yarn. Good thing too, cause I still have 6 balls left in the stash!

I knit it on small(ish) needles and the resulting fabric is very stretchy and form-fitting but looks like it was felted. Very cool. I ended up using about one and a half balls for this 15" inch shrug. So not quite a "one skein wonder" but close enough ;0)

And then, with all that deadline knitting out of the way...I finally started my Knitting World Cup project . And it's going a lot smoother than I thought it would. I've already knit my first 8 mitered squares. I'm using the Mason*Dixon blanket pattern and stash Bernat Satin. And boy are these fun to knit! I haven't yet decided how big I want the blanket to be. I'm unsure if I want to make it smaller (say 30" by 30") so that it is a good size as a lap blanket, stroller play blankie or plain old security blanket or much larger so that he can sit on it to play with the interactive bits and can sleep under it for warmth ;0) Any thoughts?

I'm thrilled that Deb, Renee, Rhonda, and Samantha joined my pinwheel sweater knit-along. Go checkout Deb's self-striping yarn version (and while you're there prepare to drool over Rhonda's GREAT grand-daughter)! Pretty neat, eh? I'm thinking this just might be the project I've been looking for to honour my Noro Silver Thaw stash... But since I only have 4 balls, I'm thinking of sticking with my original idea and going for a solid coloured Peruvian Highland Wool version. Well maybe I'll sleep on it some more.

Send me an email at annypurls {at} hotmail {dot} com if you'd like to join us. The more the merrier. Check out the Pinwheel Sweater Knit-Along blog here.



  1. Mutual card? Sounds interesting and romantic!! Love the squares! :) You're not the last person in the world to knit OSW ... I haven't knit it yet either, though I *do* have the pattern.

  2. Eeee, I love the colors on that blanket! Can't wait to see it done.

    Mutual card?

    Very cute shrug, too.

  3. You weren't last to knit OSW, I still haven't knit one. I don't think it's a great look for my proportions. Love the mitered square blanket.

  4. I adore the colours in your blanket. It's going to be awesome!

  5. Those bright colours indicate an interactive play or underwrap/keep warm TV blankie, I think. Love the colors!

  6. Oh what a romantic idea of having a mutual card. I have never heard of that but it is so cute. I love love love your mitred squares, so bright and adorable. I would make it for Julian as a security blanket if he likes it. Paul's older brother used to have one when he was little, loved it so much when it got washed he used to stand by the clothesline and put one corner of it in his ear for comfort. It sounds weird but cute, he was only little. I will have to look at your pinwheel cardigan website. I would love to knit one for my daughter but not at this time, and I too have not knit the one skein wonder either.

  7. The colors for the blanket are fantastic! It is going to be so cheery - definitely a lap blanket for those long winter nights.

  8. Happy B-day to your husband! You made a lovely dinner for him. The blanket size sounds good; you don't want it too big and your little darlin' will probably want to take it with him where ever he goes so it is a good portable size as well. I love what you have done so far; it looks so great!

  9. Anonymous12:16 a.m.

    The mutual card sounds really neat. He seems very happy in the picture. The mitered blanket is looking awesome!

  10. I vote for the smaller, carry-around-all-the-time looks great! Happy Birthday to your hubby and happy birthday to you (early, in case I forget!)


  11. Larger for sure! It'll be a life-long kinda blanket and then you can even use it.

  12. Pretty much love the colors..It's so sweet <3