Monday, September 10, 2007


The past couple of weeks have been kind of a blurr and I have so much to tell you about. Some sad knitting stories, some great big huge moments of my own, and real estate developments with my Jubilee Bubilee. We also were busy little bees getting ready for Logan's baptism which we celebrated during mass on Sunday.

It was a beautiful ceremony. Lolo was all smiles thoughout, looking intently at Father Gavin and even reaching out to hold his fingers during the ceremony. It was very sweet. Julian was terrific too and as a treat, he got to go up to the bell tower and ring the bells for his brother at the end of the mass. It was really special and I was filled with pride for both my sons. It was a beautiful moment. We then had everyone back at our house for brunch and had a really nice time.

And didn't my lemondrop look beautiful in the gown his father and brother wore to their baptisms? My mother in law made the gown for my husband when he was a baby and I'm so honoured that both my children got to wear it too. I had hoped to have Logan baptised in the same church where my husband and Julian were baptised and were Stephen and I exchanged our wedding vows, but sadly that chapel has been sold and is being torn down (see note at the end of this post for the whole sad story).

I wanted to knit a little something something for Lolo to wear with his gown. I spent hours looking for the right pattern and not having found it, decided to design my own. I had an idea for a beautiful capelet and bonnet and settled on the madeira lace pattern from one of the Barbara Walker Treasuries. It took a few days to knit. It was my first time knitting with bamboo yarn and I was completely smitten with its luster, drape and hand. It was a tad split-y but definately worth the extra attention because the result was incredible...until I wet blocked it! Bamboo doesn't like to be wet blocked as it happens and all the beautiful body and luster of the bamboo became a stiff, stretched out of shape, limp disaster. Not good. I cried. All that work. All that time. And sooo not heirloom worthy!

So I took out all my books again and planned another project. I just couldn't decide. Too much pressure to knit an heirloom. I started poking around the web and found this cute little set and started knitting the booties and bonnet out of stash Dale of Norway Baby Ull On US1 needles! It took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to knit the bonnet!

I finished it on Thursday night. Tried it on my Lolo only to discover that it was too small and that he really didn't like the feel of the yarn. And I did't cry so much but was angry and mostly stressed out that I only had 2 days left in which to knit AND tidy up the house AND prepare a brunch buffet for 25 people!

But I didn't want to let my Lolo down and was determined to knit him an heirloom. So I planned for a cropped cardi of my own design knit from the same bamboo (no lace = no blocking so I figured it would be okay). I had planned to embroider his monogram on the back and to knit a bonnet with an embroidered cross on the back. I knit and knit and knit. And knit some more.

I tried all my tricks to stay awake and finish it in time. It was 2 am on Saturday night...only 7 hours before the start of the ceremony when I finished the back, both sleeves and one of the fronts. I started seaming what I had and even taught myself crochet for a fancy scalloped edging, then crept upstairs to where all my boys were asleep in my bed and delicately tried the sweater on my sleeping angel only to discover that...the sleeves were too narrow!

Argh! I was so upset that I couldn't sleep. I'm a knitter. That's what I do. All the time. And I got in my own way a lot and not for lack of trying, my son had nothing to wear with his short-sleeved gown on a chilly September morning... Not to mention, no heirloom baptism knit to pass on to his children. The pressure really got to me and having 3 disasters in a row has kinda shaken my knitting confidence a bit.

So my plan for the day is to stash dive, find a fool-proof project and get back on the saddle before I lose my knitting mojo again...

Any suggestions?

* And now, a sad church story for anyone curious as to how it is one looses their church!

Our chapel was on the second floor of a private school which used to be run by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. They sold the building to a private enterprise a few years ago and rented the chapel space from the new owners and everything was as it has always been. But this spring, the new owners decided to convert the chapel into a library for their students and gave our parish a 90-day notice after which we would no longer have access to the chapel.

It was so upsetting to me that not only did we have to find a new place of worship, but that this one which had been a pillar of our community for so long (almost 40 years) and which has been the cornerstone of so many important moments in our own lives would be torn down and exist only in our memories. That chapel is where Stephen was baptised, where we celebrated every holiday together for the past 10 years of our courtship, where we were married, and where our Julian was baptised. It was also where we prayed with Stephen's parents most Sundays since we were married three and a half years ago.

It had beautiful stained glass windows and artfully arranged lighting which both our children delighted in when we went. And I will always have fond memories of that church. I had hoped to have Logan baptised there as well but it wasn't meant to be and so we waited to get settled into our new church (rented from a neighbouring parish) to have Logan baptised. And even though we had tried so hard to do it at the old place, in retrospect I am glad we didn't in a way, because now the new place holds a special place in our hearts too ;0)


  1. I hear you about knitting disastors,as I was knitting a sweater for a friend's baby, and was trying despertly to meet the deadline of her baby shower. I've come to the conclusion, that I can not knit with a looming deadline. first the sweater was too short, so I picked up a ton of stitches and added 2 inches to the bottom, then the morning of the shower I realized that the sleeves were different widths, and would have to take the whole thing apart and start over.

    All that to say, I understand how frustrating it is!!! Logan looked adorable in his baptism outfit!

    Sorry to hear about the chapel, but so nice to see you have a wonderful memory attached to the new church!

  2. Oh I know about the heirloom pressure. It can really make you crazy! Logan looks angelic, appropriate I guess.

    By the way, when we got back from our trip a box was waiting for me from you. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous3:33 p.m.

    Logan looks SO beautiful! I can't believe it. You have SUCH a gorgeous family!

    The heirloom pieces looked fantastic, despite not working out. I absolutely LOVE the caplet. As a matter of fact, you have inspired me to get knitting for Thaya's baptism in November. I've already made the bonnet, which is now too small, started making a dress, which I cast on about 15 times only to have the wrong number of stitches each time (500 something... i dont know... i lost track)... I feel like I can relate somehow!

  4. I think those beautiful things are really precious, but I'm sorry that they didn't fit. I recently knitted a dress for my daughter, and thought of cursing the entire way through it. Then, it didn't fit! I've sworn I will NEVER knit a baby outfit again in baby weight yarn - it takes too long, and they grow too fast!

  5. logan looks so adorable (angelic was the perfect word to describe)--so cute. love the family picture too. sorry the knitting didn't work out. it seems that whenever i have a knitting deadline--everything always go wrong. sorry you were thwarted in your knitting efforts. but on a happy note, you have two of the most adorable children i have ever seen.

  6. What a shame about the bamboo wool - the first knit looked absolutley gorgeous.
    It's so frustrating when things don't work out quite as expected, however you have a beautiful little baby and there's still more time to make other heirlooms.
    Real shame about your chapel, but nice that you have a good day to associate with the new place. Keep up the knitting! I'm sure the baby knits although too small etc for Logan may be perfect for another baby - perhaps there is someone you can gift it to?? Regards Emmie

  7. Anonymous10:49 a.m.

    Ahh, he looks beautiful and perfect.

  8. Logan is absolutely adorable in his baptismal gown. It reminds me of the gown that I crochetted for my son. I wanted it long and flowing but bedspread cotton (I despise the stuff still) and little steel needles meant that while it is LONG, it is no where as long as I had envisioned. You are amazingly enduring to have attempted three projects to try to attain such a goal. I think it took me nearly 9mo to finish the gown, bonnet, and booties. ;-) Fortunately I have been able to reuse it several times and it will be something to share (hopefully) with my grandchildren.

    BTW, I am a fairly new knitter who found your blog thanks to the buddy bags.

  9. Anonymous12:11 p.m.

    'Talk about angelic! That baby of yours is heartbreakingly beautiful!

    Your knit nightmares are heartbreaking as well - your tenacity is admirable!

  10. Anonymous2:20 p.m.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the knitting disasters. I hope you find a charity to give the little bonnet to. It looks so cute.

    And the gown is beautiful. Heirlooms are such treasures, even if you don't make them yourself.

  11. Perhaps Logan was not to have a knitted heirloom for his baptism, but you will always remember trying so hard to make one for him. He looks so beautiful in his baptism gown. Sorry about your church too but at least you have wonderful memories, and now you get to create more beautiful memories at the new church. You never do know but perhaps your children will get married there, or you could have grandchildren baptised there too. I hope your knitting enthusiasm comes back. Your such a fantastic knitter.

  12. Anonymous11:35 a.m.

    I too had a very strong desire to have a knitted heirloom Baptism outfit for my son. I started a beautiful knitted lace dress and was going to make a blanket to match, with the hope he would be able to pass it on etc. Well, whenever I get pregnant I get carpel tunnel so bad, that by the end I cannot knit. Fortunately the Baptism was set for three weeks after he was born and I had recovered enough to knit a little. I ended up just making a white jacket for him to wear and finishing it the morning of, right before we left for church. It turned out a little wonky and not as grand as I had hoped but he will always have something made by me, his mom the knitter.

  13. Give Logan this story of your dedication to him. It's a great heirloom in itself. I'd be honored if I were him and knew how much you wanted me to have something handknitted.

    If you're in the mood for a joke, read on. Otherwise stop here.

    The only other thing I wanted to say is I'd hate to see you in the week before Christmas if this is what Baptismal knitting does to you. (wink)

  14. Oh, those knitting stories are so sad! And I understand the terrible disappointment of things not coming out! Especially on a dealine. How infuriating!

    But it sounds like the baptism went nicely, anyway, and Logan is such a little cutie!

  15. Anonymous3:38 p.m.

    A friend told me about your blog and about your baby's baptism. It just so happens that my little girl was baptized the same day your Logan was! :) He is absolutely adorable. I definitely admire your dedication and determination to knit him a baptismal heirloom. I have only been knitting for several months, so it would never have occurred to me to attempt to knit something for her baptism. Bravo! Even though it didn't work out, please know that you're an amazing knitter.

  16. Anonymous2:49 p.m.

    I understand so much of this!! The church where my husband and I were both baptized and married was torn down to become a garage in downtown Orlando. I was so sad!

  17. Your Logan is so handsome. Two beautiful sons ... you are truly blessed. Plan another heirloom for another event for him. Doesn't have to be this one because there are many special moments in life. He'll be blessed with all this attention you've put into him as he grows up.