Monday, December 17, 2007

The last 5 days...

In the last five days since my last post, I finished knitting this...

Monogrammed Christmas sweaters for the boys (Lolo's is finished too!)
Knit from Valley Yarns Berkshire on US 9s in my own design.
Really cute, really soft, but pilly as all get-out!

And 7 and a half toddler and baby socks for my Martha-inspired baby sock advent calendar (I know there are just 6 below, you'll have to trust me on the other 1.5!) ...

{1} Stripey green toddler socks in Knit Picks Swish in Dublin and Bare
(34 sts, tubular cast on, 6 row stripes, short row heel, round toe)

{2} cabled toddler socks using quietish's pattern with bulky yarn
(Valley Yarns Berkshire) and size 9 needles for 3yr size

{3} basic socks also in Valley Yarns Berkshire and size 9 needles.
Embellished with duplicate embroidered tree.

Trimmed the tree...

Wrapped a garland around the banister to display my baby sock advent calendar in progress...

Distracted a sick toddler (he's all better now thanks to your sound advice, extra cuddles, tandem nursing, steam/humidity, and lots of extra playtime with mommy to keep his mind off how miserable he was feeling) with an art project! I introduced him to pencil crayons (ooh!) and we made little card stock circles to adorn a tiny tree on the kitchen table. Between this and hours of tea party, he managed to forget that he couldn't breath through his nose ;0)

Helped dig us out of what seemed like 12 million feet of snow!

Survived Lolo's first cold (he barely slept for 3 consecutive nights because the poor thing couldn't breath through his nose which meant he couldn't nurse for more than a second at a time)! Got a cold and beat it myself. Went to Stephen's office Christmas party on Friday night. And hunted down DDR Hottest Party for Wii for my honey (what a lucky boy ;0)

Amazing, eh? I can't beleive I got that much done considering and I'm feeling so empowered that I'm thinking I just might be able to knit 3-4 pairs of mittens, 10 socks, and Joseph in the next week all while making 'green' wrapping paper with Julian, wrapping gifts of course, and going out 2 nights in a row on Friday and Saturday nights!

What? It could happen!?


  1. Anonymous7:19 a.m.

    That is quite the week planned! I was inspired by your sock project, and took it on to a smaller level. I'm knitting a "bunch" of sock orniments using all those little bits of left over sock yarn that are swimming in the stash.
    i have 7 done, among the the christmas presents to finish.
    7 days left... 7days left.
    i think we can do it.

  2. Hope springs eternal ;)

  3. Anonymous9:29 a.m.

    Very cute little socks... Let's find the baby to wear it !

  4. Your goals sound like mine... Eeek!

  5. ok, you are making me feel like the slowest person on earth!! How do you do it all?? :-)

    Love reading your life...
    God bless ya'll!

  6. Oh I wish I had more time. Love you little socks!

  7. Wow! Check out all that snow! Your accomplishments continue to amaze me. When I have sick babies, I barely have time to get dressed! Those socks are just too wonderful. Have a great holiday!

  8. I LOVE the Advent calendar idea! And how much much better with hand knit socks! I must do this next year!

  9. Wow! You sure were productive, and there's no doubt in my mind you can do everything you have planned!

  10. I love all your lil' socks! So cute.

  11. i finally had a chance to sit down and catch up on your blog. i love everything you've been doing. your sweaters are lovely and your socks are adorable. i tried to link to the flakey socks pattern, but kept getting an adobe error. is that just me or is there a problem with the pattern link? thanks for sharing all your lovely gift ideas too.

  12. Love the socks. Glad your baby is better. Please share the little chart for the Christmas tree on the socks. They are so cute. You'll have to make the mitten Advent calendar for next year!

  13. I just read your blog a little more carefully. You didn't use a chart for the little tree! Okay, I can do that! Thanks, anyway.

  14. jeez, I'm exhausted! I forget what it is like to be a young Mom and have all that engery. Merry Christmas

  15. oh those socks are so cute. I'm not sure if it's your wonderful knitting or the pictures of your adorable kids that keeps me reading your blog...but I do love reading it!

  16. You are totally amazing! Wow. :)

    Happy New Year!