Monday, December 12, 2005

Greetings from Montreal

Today is Creative Genius?'s "Show us a picture of you wearing clothing proper to your climate" day.

According to the Weather Network, here are the details for this day in Montreal:

TEMPERATURE -10 celsius
CONDITIONS Light snow.
FEELS LIKE -17 celsius
WIND GUSTS N 17 km/h

I'm wearing my HBC signature 100% wool coat which is actually one of the warmest coats I've ever owned with matching wool scarf. It's not cold (or slushy) enough yet to warrant my Ice Bug boots so I'm still wearing my hiking runners. Hats? They are so not becoming on me and my huge head thus the nice big hood on my coat that I pull up when it gets cold and windy. I also have some earmuffs for extra warmth as required.



  1. Oh my goodness Anny - you look cold!! And what's that white stuff on the ground behind you?!?

    I do love the coat - I'm looking for a new coat (not jacket) and it's been a hard find!!

    Stay warm and if you ever want to come down to the "warmer" weather - give me a shout!

    :-) AL

  2. Anonymous8:33 a.m.

    Adoreable coat! But um, -10 and you can still smile? And for the record your head seems normal size. :-)

  3. Anonymous12:50 p.m.

    Waving my needles all the way from east of Montreal. I must be a chilly person as I'd be wearing mittens, boots and most importantly a hat in this weather! LOL! ;)

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