Monday, January 29, 2007

Julian says the darnest things!

But first, the knitting:

I started knitting my delivery socks last night. The yarn is a delicious green from Lorna's Laces which was a gift from my knitting pal, Marie-Michele, who remembered how much I had gushed over Grumperina's beauties knit from it. I just love it. It just might be my favourite yarn ever... so soft and subtle and of course the perfect shade of happy green.

I wanted to knit socks to wear when I deliver my son to keep my toesies warm, to focus on while I breathe, and to cherish forever afterward. Since I am due a few days after St-Patrick's day, am Irish and just love love love this yarn it seemed like the perfect choice. Not to mention it dovetails perfectly with Lolly's Green Sock Knitalong (another knitalong I joined because I love the button ;0)

I'm just not sure about the pattern though. I started knitting d-made's Bavarian Rockstar pattern which is replete with twisted-stitch cables, but I'm not sure I love the way it's working out so far. So, I'm thinking of ripping them back and starting either Hedera, Mata Hari or Cable Twist (just like Grumperina's) instead. What do you think? I mean, I have to love them, right? I'm just not sure. I have cold feet I guess. Heehee!

So while I try to make up my mind, I thought I'd share some of Julian's hilarity these past few weeks. He is developing quite a sense of humour and his comedic timing is impeccable. I was putting the clothes in the dryer the other day and Julian was standing on the landing playing with his keys when I heard the little trap door for the central vacuum open. I rushed out of the laundry room to see what he was doing and it looked like I caught him trying to put his keys in the trap door.

Instinctively, I shreiked "Julian! No! Noooooooooooo!" He waived his little finger "no" and turned around to play. So I went back in the laundry room and again heard him open the little door so I ran out of the laundry room again and said, sternly and with the meanest eyes I could muster "Julian, what did mommy say?" to which he responded "No! Nooooooooooo!" in the same tone I had used earlier.

I tried really hard to remain serious, but I was so taken off guard that I just exploded with giddy laughter. Partly because the question was rhetorical and I just expected him to walk away. And partly because he said it with the *exact* tone and concern I had used. I hope to never forget that story. It was just one of those priceless parenting moments.

It's really funny how he associates a certain tone or pitch with different words. I usually refer to my husband as dada. If he still doesn't anwer I say "Stephen?" And if he still doesn't answer, I yell "Steeeeve!" Well Julian can't say "Steve" quietly. He can only say it in a loud burst...I guess he's never heard me say Steve any other way. He sure is a perceptive little guy!

We had another priceless moment tonight. We were all sitting on the living room floor watching Sesame Street before dinner and Julian went over to dada, gave him a great big bear hug and with a wide grin exclaimed "I love" in the sweetest little voice. Well our hearts just melted. And while Stephen and I looked at each other and took it all in, Julian came over to me and said "mommy, I love you." It was the first time. And had he not just told dada he loved, we might have mistaken it for "olive oil". But we know what he meant. And it was wonderful ;0) I don't think my heart could love that sweet little boy any more. It's just full. And warm. And really very happy.

I can't imagine what life with two of them will be like. I don't know how it will be possible to contain so much love. It seems my heart is about to burst as is!



  1. enjoy each moment with you lovely family! mine are 12 & 14.... it does get more challenging but it also just keeps getting better! your green socks are a keeper.... i do like Grumperina's pattern as well...
    either way, you'll deliver in style!

  2. Anonymous9:29 a.m.

    I was all set to comment on the sock thing and then you hit me with the cute boychild stuff and poof, any other thoughts went out of my head.

  3. Anonymous9:54 a.m.

    What a great green!!!

  4. Anonymous10:55 a.m.

    How very sweet! My son is just starting to repeat things and we are just having gun listening to him babble, it will be nice when he actually speaks with some sort of intent!

    That green is lovely. I liked the hedera pattern and I think it would look lovely in that yarn but it's lace and you feet may not be as warm...just a thought...

  5. Mother's have expanding hearts!! It is not a character flaw or a serious medical problem, just a fact of being a Mom!

  6. Anonymous12:23 p.m.

    That is a fun green. I like the sock pattern you are doing, but they won't be on my feet. I suggest ripping them out now. Chances are, you will never love the pattern and if you keep going, you will get far enough to accept it but will never be satisfied with it.

    Hope that rambling made sense.

  7. The socks look great, but you are the one that needs them to concentrate on so its up to you isnt it. I love the color too by the way. Julian cracks me up, brings a smile to my face when things like that happen, and how gorgeous that he tells you he loves you. Beautiful memories for you both, along with many more with the next one.

  8. The socks look great, and I love the color. I loved the story of Julian telling you how much he loved both of you, so sweet and adorable, and I am sure you will have many more stories when the next little baby boy comes along too.

  9. That's so sweet. Kids are very intuitive and love imitation. Makes me remember all the fun things my kids said when they were little. Of course they are 30, 22, and 19! And they say some doozies now too! Some of which we can put into print! Now about the socks. You really need to love the pattern. Since the socks are greeen and you are due on St. Patrick's day (and we all are rooting for you making the date!) I would love to see the current sock pattern. It looks very Celtic to me and very Irish. I love complex knots and cables.

  10. Aww! His first "I love you!" I'm about crying here!

  11. Julian is adorable. Too cute! :) How old is he now?

    I love the green socks! They're awesome! :)

  12. When Kate was about 3 or so I was cooking dinner and she was standing nearly on top of me and kept asking me for things..."I want", "I want". I turned to her and said, "Frankly, Kate, I don't care what you want."

    She paused, then stomped her little foot and said...
    "Don't you call me FRANKY!!"

    She's thirteen now and I remember that day like it was yesterday!

    It might be cute to keep a little journal or something of those particularly precious memories and then give it to your child when they become a parent or at another time (18th birthday, etc.)

    Gee, what a great idea! Wish I'd done that. :(


  13. love the Julian story. I'm now alerted the possibility that rhetorical questions will be answered by the baby...guess at 14 months he's not "the baby" any more though!!

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