Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Hey look, places!"

But first, the knitting! I knit up the front, back and sleeves of my Jubilee Bubilee's Easter sweater in record time on the weekend and was feeling really good about my lofty goals. But then it seems I wasted away the entire week just seaming and seaming and seaming and knitting up the band around the hood and weaving in ends. Oh, and seaming some more. I always underestimate how long it takes to "finish" a project. But now, it's done. And I love it ;0)

Pattern: Cable and rib hooded sweater
Source: Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits Book
Yarn: Rowan All Seasons Cotton in 'cookie', 8 balls
Neeles: Size 5 & 6

You'll have to wait until after Easter to see my little guy wearing it though since its a present! As for Lolo, it turns out he already has a mommy knit sweater in waiting perfect for Easter which means I have two crafting days left until Sunday to make to make a felted Easter basket (inspired by this one) and some felted toss bunnies (inspired by these) for Julian and a stuffed goose (like this one) for my little Lemondrop.
And now for the story behind the post title: we got out this week! Yay! While Julian went on a play date with grandma and grandpa on Tuesday, Dada, Lolo and I went to the movies! Movies for Mommies that is ;0) It was my first time and i was pleasantly surprised. There must have been 30 babies there and most were fast asleep throughout the whole thing (incluing Lolo) and the rest were really well behaved. By the way, if you ever wondered what the indoor parking at the movie theatre is like at 10 am on a Tuesday morning, wonder no more. That's our car. All alone. It was quite surreal actually.

And then yesterday was a big day for Julian too: dada took for his very first haircut! Truth is he's been needing it for a while now, but we just hadn't gotten around to making an appointment at the tot salon. But we did yesterday. Now I didn't witness the momentous occasion first hand, but dada documented it for me.

The place was great with superfly chairs for little ones, TV sets with cartoons, colourful capes, and great-with-kids staff. Julian even came home with a 'special paper' which he was very proud to show me. It is a first haircut certificate complete with a little lock of his baby curls attached to the corner. It was a really nice surprise that I'll be really happy to show his future dates one day, heehee!



  1. Oh the sweater turned out wonderfully well didnt it. You are one quick knitter, even with 2 babes to look after. I love the photo of Julian getting his first haircut too, he looks so grown up. Glad they kept the first curl for you to keep too.

  2. Either your ambitious or really fast! We love the tot salon near us. B gets so excited to go for a haircut. He likes to play with their trains and they have movies we don't have, and, of course, a lolli at the end.

  3. Anonymous10:08 a.m.

    Wow, its great to see you up and posting pictures of your beautiful knitting!! The sweater is fantastic as are the little cuties!!

  4. That sweater is so sweet! Congratulations on getting out--those first excursions are so important to your sanity. :) Looks like Julian did great at his haircut. We go to one of those cool kids salons around here, too, and Aaron loves it!

  5. The sweater turned out wonderfully, and so glad you got it finished in time for Easter! Julian is going to look so adorable in it with his first haircut!

  6. That sweater is gorgeous! And I'll bet it feels fantastic. I just used All Seasons Cotton for the first time--I love it! Lucky, lucky babies.

  7. Anonymous4:49 p.m.

    I dunno. Julian looks a little worried during the hair cut. Glad he made it through.

    Can't believe your knitting speed with two little ones. I feel so inadequate now. Guess I've spent too much time on socks (on my second pair).

  8. Oh! The look on his little face! Too cute.

  9. love the sweater! its soooo cute! good on you for finishing something with a little bubba on board!

    I love the mum n bubs movies we have here! we have them every 2nd thursday for $9 so its a bargain over here and keira loves it for 5 minutes then falls asleep...only prob is they don't always show the movies you want!


  10. Your cable and rib sweater is gorgeous! I am so impressed that you are still knitting so productively with the new babe. Beautiful work!

  11. The sweater is great! Haircuts are quite a big deal. My little man is nearly six months and already needs his fringe clipped, but I keep putting it off.