Monday, March 31, 2008


So my knits have been boring me lately. It's not so much that they're boring (I shouldn't say that because they're patterns I'm designing!) but because I'm trying to figure things out and design as I go along, they require the kind of attention I just can't give them with the little ones giggling about, being cute and impossible to resist ;0)

I find myself constantly looking for something to do rather than pick up my knitting needles: playing tag with Julian, going for expeditions across our snow banks, planning a vegetable garden, raid the classifieds for a nice used piano, make a budget, shovel (!), search epinions for the bike trailer reviews, do taxes...heck I even caught up on all the laundry. I knew it was bad when I seriously considered tackling our ironing pile while watching Dancing With the Stars tonight!

But then I came across the coolest thing ever: hyperbolic baby pants (last pic at the top of the page)!!! I sooooo have to cast on for a pair of those straight away. And since all that stockinette will likely loose its excitement after a couple of hours, I'll need to make up a couple of grrrr's for the boys too. Oh, and a mochi mochi felted backpack for Julian's library books - how cute would that be? And then of course, I'll have to raid the stash to knit the chicken AND the egg ;0)

Oh, and then I'll have to see if I have anything to make the lace ribbon scarf from knitty. Oh, and how about some super cool perpendicular sidewinder socks?

Oh, yeah...I've got a bad case of startitis bay-bee! And it's all happening tomorrow as soon I find all my size 4 needles ;0)



  1. Anonymous12:19 p.m.

    I highly recommend the chariot carrier. I love it. I don't often use it behind the bike, as I don't have a bike yet. It plows through snowbanks, mud, you name it and we get through.

  2. Your boys are going to love the Which Came First toy...I made one for my little guy for Easter, and he loves how it flips back and forth.

  3. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with startitis these days!! I'm going nuts, so many things to knit! LOL

  4. Anonymous7:57 a.m.

    I was looking at that wonderful picture of your youngest, thinking how cute he is, and my eyes wandered to your ID picture on your blog. Same look on your faces totally! You sure have cute little ones! And I love hearing the things big brother says. That age is so amazing, the things they think of! Enjoy them!