Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy birthday daddy!

It was Stephen's birthday on Tuesday, the twelfth. He turned 29 for the first time ;0) I hadn't really planned anything in advance but really wanted to something special so I pulled out the cookbooks to look for a Tiramisu recipe (his favourite!), ordered some groceries online and spent nap time making this:

Nice, eh? I must admit I spent a good part of the afternoon just staring at it. It's easily the nicest looking cake I've ever made, but sadly, it was not as yummy as it looked. It's the thought that counts thought and daddy was very happy. Julian and I had also put up some "fancy yellow tape" (Julian-speak for streamers) and "cool" balloons on our chandelier and of course our front door. We made lasagna with Cesar salad and cheesy garlic bread too! And we really surprised our beloved daddy-o. It was a hit!

I even found our mutual birthday card and was able to squeeze in another message by branching out chromatically and using a different coloured pen to write in between the lines of previous years' messages. We should really just add a page to it but it's much funner this way (though difficult to read!).

We started using this Easter card as a mutual birthday card 5 years ago: I write a birthday message to him and he writes a birthday message for me the following week (our birthdays happen to be exactly one week apart). Every year we enjoy reading previous years' messages and reminiscing. We started using it before we got engaged and in the five years we've been using it, we got married, built a house, had two children, Stephen travelled for work and changed jobs! That's a lot of reminiscing right there ;0)

And then, I guiltily pulled out the anniversary sweater I started knitting for our cotton anniversary last year and which I worked on in feverish little spurts the couple of days before every occasion since (birthday, father's day, thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's day, our 3rd wedding anniversary Easter, his other birthday...) and finished off the first sleeve!

I'm thinking it would make a great Canada Day (July 1st) present for him so I'm aiming for that one next.

One sleeve and a neckband to go...


  1. Happy birthday, Stephen!

    That sounds like a lovely meal. And teh cake is gorgeous! I hope you post the recipe.

  2. Anonymous7:56 a.m.

    It sounds like Stephen had a wonderful birthday! The joint card is too funny, and the cake LOOKS delicious :)

  3. Happy birthday Stephen! Your cake looks fabulous!!

    Yay Julian for remembering the streamers. They're a favorite at our house as well.

    Looking back at an old post I saw the activity blanket you made for Julian (MDK mitered squares). Just LOVELY! What yarn did you use for it?

  4. Anonymous8:35 a.m.

    That is a gorgeous cake! I'm completely impressed, not in the least because my family gets store bought cakes.

    The joint card is a wonderful tradition! Plus, the chocolate rabbits are really funny.

    Happy Birthday Stephen!

  5. Happy Birthday Stephen. What a cute little family!

  6. Happy Birthday Stephen!

    Looks like you had a great time. I love the family photo.

    My aunt and uncle had a mutual card for their anniversary (I think). They started it the year they were married and took turns writing in it. One line max per year so it lasted a looooong time (40 odd years). The year he unexpectedly died, it was his turn and he wrote, "I love you...what more is there to say". Chokes me up every time I think of it.

  7. Anonymous10:49 a.m.

    Happy Birthday! You have a beautiful family!

  8. That is an incredibly impressive cake! Looks like a lot of work! I'm sure that he was very appreciative.

  9. I love love love the mutual birthday card!

    Not to be nosey, but I love how your house is decorated (from what I can see in the pic of your husband and cake!) Do you have other pics of how you've decorated to help inspire me?

  10. happy belated birthday to stephen and happy early birthday to you. love the family portrait! very nice. i'm a new blogger myself. if you're looking for something to read, please check out my blog. i'm laughing as i write this because i know as a mom of two you have no extra time...but if you ever do... thanks!

  11. How sweet and thoughtful! I'm sure he must have had a wonderful birthday. I think your cake is beautiful, too. Looks like a lot of work!

    My husband and I have our birthday on exactly the same day, and it makes for some interesting maneuvers!

  12. Happy birthday, Stephen! Gorgeous cake. :)

    That is an adorable picture of you all!

  13. Ah the birthday card returns. I remember it last year and thought it was such a great idea. Tirimasu is so yummy, I used to work with an Italian lady that made it, and it was absolutely delicious. Glad to hear that you are working on the anniversary sweater too, I cant wait to see it finished.

  14. I love the joint card idea - I might have to try that one too! Congratulations on your beautiful family! How do you manage it all? I just had my second and feel like I can't accomplish anything!!

  15. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!

    And I absolutely love the family shot!!

  16. What a great birthday! The cake is absolutely gorgeous...

  17. Anonymous8:41 p.m.

    hi! i have been checking in on your blog for most of this winter & spring and just wanted to say how much i enjoy it. there is a genuine feeling of warmth, happiness, contentment (all that good stuff) coming from your posts. i love the pics of the children. it reminds me so much of when my boys were small.

  18. How the freak do you find time to make that with a newborn -- okay infant -- in your house? I have a 9- and a 5-year-old and couldn't imagine tackling that.

    Nice work is what I'm trying to say.

  19. Next time try Jacques Pepin's recipe for Mock Tiramisu, in "Fast Food My Way." It's delish and takes about 15 minutes to prepare.

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