Friday, June 22, 2007

More birthday fun!

It sure seems like it's all birthday all the time around these parts! Most of our relatives were born in April, May and June and it seems like every week-end celebrates someone's birthday! Last week, we threw a triple birthday bar-b-cool (that' what Julian calls a barbeque ;0) to celebrate Stephen's birthday (June 12), mine (June 19) and Julian's (June 25th) with our friends and lots of fun was had by all.

Daddy and I made the most of naptime decorating the yard and I putting the finishing touch on the caterpillar cake while our Jujube napped. I baked 5 cakes in pyrex bowls to get the dome shape and iced the lot using the 7-minute icing recipe from 'The Joy of Cooking'. I finished it off with lots of smarties and it turned out better than I'd hoped! The icing went splendidly with the three kinds of cake I made: german chocolate, lemon and spice (two domes each). Yum!

The weather was terrific so we all went for a swim in the pool and of course the butterfly pinata was lots of fun...except that it was filled with boxes of smarties and hanging out in the hot sun all afternoon! Rookie pinata mistake! But it was a blast and Julian was good and tired by bedtime ;0)

Then came my birthday on Tuesday, the 19th! And boy did daddy treat me ;0) With all the stresses at work lately I really didn't really think Stephen would have the time to give my birthday much thought so I figured we would just order in (which we did, my pick!) and he would give me back the card! In fact, I had already treated myself to some knitting books earlier in the week as a present because I knew he wouldn't have the time to go shopping. Well boy was I surprised when I put out my hands after dinner and opened my eyes to see this:

I was so excited! I had mentioned a while back that sometimes, when he gets home from work, I would really enjoy going out for a walk by myself while he minds the kids. I know you totally get this if you have kids and stay home with them. It's a 'round the clock job and lately I've been longing to take a real break just for a half hour or so... So the iPod nano came with an offer for babysitting anytime I want to just get out for a walk with my favourite tunes! I love that man!

One more party this weekend to celebrate Julian's real birthday with our families and then it's all knitting all the time, baby!

And bonus, I've got knitting books coming my way too ;0)


  1. Happy birthday! What a sweet hubby you have, too. I definitely know what you mean about wanting "alone time". Sometimes the bathroom's the only place to be alone, and even then it doesn't really qualify, as the kids are banging on the door saying, "mommy, we want you now . . ."

  2. Anonymous3:38 p.m.

    That is a great cake!! Especially if you are feeding a crowd. Happy birthday and enjoy your ipod. I really like your idea of going for a walk by yourself, perhaps I will start that too.

  3. Happy birthday! What a wonderful slide show of photos. I'd hang onto that husband of yours ... sounds like a keeper, to me!

  4. first, julian looks so adorable in all the pictures. second, that is the coolest birthday cake i have ever seen. and third, that is the best birthday present i have heard about in a long time. i am also a stay-at-home mom and a few guilt-free, unrushed minutes to myself would be wonderful! glad you had such a lovely birthday and birthday celebration.

  5. That cake is just too cute.

  6. Looks like you've had some great celebrations! Happy birthday to all. I'm a June baby, too (June 21)!

  7. Happy Birthday to you all! Love the pics too, so cute. You were spoilt too werent you, lucky girl. The offer of babysitting would be wonderful. I cant wait to see what lovely knitting books you bought too.

  8. Precious pictures and I LOVE that cake!!! Looks like the bar b cool was such memorable fun. Congrads on that iPod - I want one and hey, I could use a walk solo too. LOL Have a great rest of June!

  9. Happy happy birthdays!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to You!!! The caterpillar cake is awesome. What a great gift, how sweet is your hubby? I have a young child too and sometimes think that it would be great if my hubby would offer to take care of her after work so that I could fit in a bit of me time with a bike ride out in the fresh air.


  11. Anonymous9:21 p.m.

    Happy Birthday! Cute cake.

  12. Anonymous9:56 p.m.

    Happy Birthday to all! What a wonderfuly imaginative cake and lovely birthday surprise.

  13. That is THE cutest, neatest cake. I love it! And of course the photos of your beautiful family. Happy birthday to all of you! What a wonderful present you got!

  14. What an amazingly delightful birthday cake!

    And Happy Birthday to All!!

  15. Happy Birthday to all! What an awesome cake!

  16. My kids love their Nanos and I'm happy with my Shuffle.

    Nice song choice, by the way!


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