Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's done!

The anniversary sweater. It's really done!

I started it waaaay back in April 2006 and planned to knit it for my sweetness on the occasion of our second (cotton) anniversary on April 17, 2006. And then I started it. And immediately I knew that was not going to happen ;0) I then reasoned that it would be okay as long as I finished it during our cotton anniversary year giving myself and extra 364 days in which to finish it.

I knit on it a lot. Heck I even knit on it when I was in labour! Now that's dedication!

But man, that's a lot of cables and, well, that didn't happen either. Birthday? Father's day? Nope. Nada. But on the occasion of Quebec's national holiday on Sunday, I finally did it!

I knit the smallest size using just over 14 balls of Rowan All Seasons Cotton, modified the sleeves to knit them in the round, cast on fewer sleeve stitches (104 instead of 114) and worked sleeve decreases until there were 60 stitches rather than 56. Other than that I knit it pretty much as directed (for posterity did I mention that I used 4.5mm Addi's). I did have a few beefs with the pattern though. The main one was that if you knit it to the letter, that is, same cable pattern on both front and back pieces, the cables and ribs don't line up when you do the 3-needle bind-off. See:

My other beef? I hate how dropped sleeves fit. This is not that pattern's fault. But I wish I had given it more thought and modified the sleeve shaping. But, I digress. It's done! And more importantly, it's very comfy and daddy loves it. Modelled shots are forthcoming though because it's a gazillion degrees these days and it just seemed mean to make him wear it out for some pics so I'm waiting for a less muggy day... In the meantime, here's another shot before I show Julian's last 2nd birthday cake:

After his birthday barbecool with friends last weekend, we had another birthday celebration for Julian's 2nd birthday on Saturday, this time with our families. I baked him a cookie cake with layers of cream cheese filling. Yum! I got it from one of the Kids' magazines, but the recipe is reprinted online if anyone is interested.

We all sang happy birthday to his great delight and then right on beat at the end of the song when we generally blow out the candles, he went in for a bite instead and his cap extinguished the candles. It was a roar! We're still giggling about it. Silly billy ;0)

And now, he has officially entered the 'terrible twos', but so far it's more like the 'terrific twos'! Awwww. I'm counting on him to change the stereotype for all toddlerkind! LOL!

Happy birthday Jubilee Bubilee. Mommy loves you big like the sky ;0)


  1. Anonymous7:23 a.m.

    'So impressive that with a new wee one and a busy toddler you are baking spectacular cakes and having magical birthday parties and finishing sweaters with hand made tags no less!

    Anyone who says a woman can't have it all/do it all needs to visit your blog!

  2. I think the sweater looks beautiful. It feels so good to finish long term projects!

  3. I love cables in cotton - it looks great. So does the cookie cake!

  4. A beautiful sweater! And that does look like a YUMMY cake. Happy Birthday to the B'day boy!

  5. Anny, your sweaters are always so beautiful. I love seeing your blog pop up in Bloglines because you always have such wonderful eye candy!!! That sweater is amazing. And it has a good story to go with it! Happy birthday to all of you chez Anny Purls!

  6. Happy Birthday Julian!

    The sweater looks great.

  7. Anonymous11:25 a.m.

    Hey, finishing a sweater is ALWAYS a big deal no matter when it happens - especially one so lovely! I like the "finish anytime in anniversary year" idea - I think I'll adopt it myself. :)

  8. I had also been considering this pattern, but will rethink it now that I know how much work it was. It sure looks fabulous though! What a terrific mom you are! You're creating wonderful memories that your children will carry with them for always.

  9. Anonymous11:56 a.m.

    I am with you, I don't agree with the terrible two's either. It is really an awful thing to label your child.
    Clarabel will be three this week and the hardest part for her about being 2 was toilet training. It made her very grumpy.

  10. Anonymous12:27 p.m.

    Hat putting out candles! Too funny!! Silly billy indeed!

    The sweater is marvelous! Can't wait to see the modeled shots! I'm also glad to know that other people take extraordinary amounts of time to finish some projects.

  11. The sweater is a masterpiece and I'm sure you're elated to be finished with it. You made another cake I need to try - thanks for posting the link. YUM!

  12. What a nice thing you did to knit that sweater! Thanks for your tips on it, too. I'm currently designing a drop sleeve sweater for my hubby, and I want to make sure I don't have icky baggy sleeves.

    You know, I recently wrote a similar pattern as "Anniversary", and I came across the same problem with the cables and rows not matching up. Frustrating, huh? (Yes, I did fix it before finishing the pattern!)

  13. OH, that picture of you and your son is so cute!

  14. Those cables really pop, don't they? It looks wonderful!

  15. you are such a good mommy and wife. you have three lucky boys. my husband wants me to knit him a sweater, but i'm a little scared as i've only made baby sweaters up to this point. i told him i would...eventually. glad to see it can be done.

  16. Fabulous Anniversary sweater! I understand about the dropped sleeves, but that is us looking at it..........It is comfy, looks fabulous, keeps him warm, YOU knit it, and THAT is what matters! :)

    Happy Birthday to your newly turned two year old. I always found that the twos WERE terrific! It was those damn threes! :)

  17. Congratualtions on finishing the sweater. It looks wonderful! :)

  18. WooHooooo! Happy birthday, little one! :)

    And congrats on finishing that sweater. It looks great!

  19. I'm a bit behind in my reading, but it's BEAUTIFUL!

  20. Anonymous12:38 a.m.

    I remember that anniversary sweater! Wow- it's done!!!! Amazing.

    I haven't been by in awhile Anny, it is so nice to pop in and to see you so happy and well. And the kids looking so big and sweet. Also, it is so nice to see you selling a pattern!

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