Sunday, March 26, 2006

Everything plus the kitchen sink

What a weekend! The weather was terrific (it was 15 degrees celsius today!) and that's a very good thing. I shed my heavy winter parka in favour of my spring jacket, put on my shades and reacquainted myself with the feel of the sun kissing my cheeks. Ahhh, spring!

And in knitting news Bristow's done! Here she is soaking in the kitchen sink on the Friday night. She's since been blocked and seamed. Button, button-hole and neck bands were picked-up and knit this morning and buttons sewn on a few hours ago. I'm really impressed with how it turned out and think I'll actually get to wear this one lots. Stephen's working from home tomorrow since Julian has his 9 month well-baby check-up in the afternoon so I'll definately pull him away for a few minutes to take some pictures in the morning light.

And in Julian news...well there is just so much to tell! He started pulling himself up on the coffee table and has even been working on his balance, letting go of one hand at a time. No cruising yet, but he's so very close. We decided to take him to the toy store on Saturday to look for an exersaucer or some kind of device to help him develop strong walking legs and since he wasn't asleep (a first I think...he is usually fast asleep in the stroller) we thought what better way to choose than to pull them each down and have him 'test drive' each exersaucer.

He had such a great time in all of them, but since the height limit on them is 30" we decided he wouldn't get that much use out of them so off we went to try some scooters and push toys instead. We brought home the Fisher Price ride-on hippo which he just loves. He's had it for one day and this morning he pulled himself up on it and pushed it across the living room. Our jaws dropped when we saw him do this! He's only 9 months and hasn't really figured out how to crawl forwards yet so seeing him up on two feet pushing this thing across the room was quite the shock. We're just so smitten with the boy. And incredibly proud of him too ;0)

And because things happen so fast when you're 9 months old, he also packed in a whole bunch of new teeth this week-end. I felt one of his top middle teeth on Friday and when I showed daddy later that night, we noticed two other ones had also sprouted! That's 3 new teeth this weekend with no tears or crankiness (what's the catch?). The strange thing about his teeth though is the configuration: he's got the two middle teeth on the bottom, and 3 of the 4 middle teeth on the top. So on the top gum, it's tooth, tooth, space, tooth. Weird, eh? Hopefully another tooth with fill the gap soon enough.

Well that's it for now. Time to join my snoring boys asleep beside me.



  1. Anonymous6:35 a.m.

    That's hilarious. Tooth, gum tooth gum.. Hehe.

    George's two front top teeth are just poked through, you can't see them yet unless really looking, but you can feel them. Thanks for your advice about the washcloths. That was a great idea. It totally worked.

    PS- I'm excited to see the Finished Object when it leaves the sink!

  2. Good call on the exer-cise-saucer-thing. He'll really like the push toy and use it long after he's walking well. He really is adorable. 9 months is one of my favorite ages...they're doing fun things, but they're not talking yet (much) and you can still catch them (most of the time)! Enjoy! Cherish!

  3. 9 mos is absolutely my favorite baby age - when we see them for their well-child checks, 9 mos is when they're alert enough to grab my stethescope, but not yet scared of needles and afraid of doctors. It passes so fast - enjoy!

  4. Bristow looks fabulous laying there in the sink so I'm positive it will be absolutely stunning once you get some better pictures of it.

    My Owen never really crawled. He started cruising around 9 1/2 months, crawled a little bit, but not really crawling, and then by 10 1/2 months he was walking full out. It goes fast, keep your camera on the ready. *lol*

  5. Did you know that Supergirl walked at 9 months old? Crazy huh? That age is so much fun! :)

  6. What a lot of teeth! Claire didn't get any till she was 10 months and I think that's worse cause the older they get the more they seem bothered by them.

  7. I am so glad you got Bristow finished! Once it is done you forget all the headaches that come with it; particularly since you fixed your nagging errors and they won't be staring you in the face. Julian is such a doll; enjoy this time - it is very special. Babies/toddlers are so funny; it's almost as if they coast for a bit and then boom, boom, boom they are in a different developmental stage. He is so endearing.

  8. Congratulations on Bristow! It's going to be worth it. Enjoy Julian every moment, it goes by too fast!

  9. Is all of your house as new and clean as this kitchen sink makes it look? Lucky you! My counter-tops are circa 1940 with the chrome edging...yuck. I've been hinting to the church trustees to maybe replace them, but no luck. Having a home provided as a pastor's family is indeed a mixed blessing! Love the countertop color, too. I had similar countertops at our last appointment.

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