Friday, March 10, 2006

Think pink

In honour of Project Spectrum, here's another pink project: a really cute and very functional pin cushion. I think I got the idea from Martha Stewart but really couldn't tell you which issue (or show) it's from. All you do is get a mason or any canning jar with a two part lid, lay a piece of scrap fabric in the lid ring (from the inside), add some stuffing (I used polyester batting), then insert the flat lid part back, pull the fabric taut and glue it to the inside of the lid to finish it off. Ta-da! You can put all your pins up on top and your thread and notions in the jar. It's a good thing!

There was not much knitting around here yesterday. No siree! Julian and I went out for a day on the town and then to my sister's house for dinner. It was like a little field trip. So exciting! We had breakfast and lunch with auntie t and her little 3 month old munchkin and of course hit all the baby and toy stores in the underground city! And then I took the bus and metro (aka, the subway) to my sister's house which I really should do more often because we always have such a nice time.

It was the first time Jujube and I went anywhere without daddy and we did okay. The only really challenging part was getting off the subway and having to climb two flights of stairs with a diaper bag, a 22 lb baby and heavy stroller. And this in all our winter garb! My arms are still feeling the burn from that one ;0)

Thankfully, the rest of the time, there was always someone ready and happy to lend a hand and that makes me feel really good about Montreal. Sure it's big and cosmopolitan, but it is also very friendly and I really love it here (I should say "there" because I don't live there anymore, but I still consider it "my" city).

So maybe we'll venture out more. I can't wait until the waist-high snow bank out front melts away and we can resume our neighbourhood walks. It'll be really fun to go to the park and socialise with the other neighbourhood moms again. We've been hibernating all winter!

Come-on Spring!


  1. Whatta trip down memory lane! We made these in grade 8 home ec. It was a good thing back then too.

  2. What an adorable pin cushion! That will make a great gift for my quilting group. I love it and thanks for showing it off.

  3. That pin cushion is awesome! I may just have to make one for myself! :)

    Holy cow! Julian is a big little guy ... or my Lily is a little little girl ... she's only about 27lbs and is 2 1/2 years old!!

  4. That pin cushion is so cute!

    Glad you and Julian had a great time yesterday. I've only been through Montreal a few times in travelling back and forth between NB and Ont. The first time was when we moved down here in '79, and the last time was in '87 when my brother and I went for 3 weeks to Ontario to look for work...didn't find anything so came back home.

  5. Anonymous4:43 a.m.

    The pin cushion is a great idea! i could use one for my blocking pins.

  6. Montreal is a great city; totally loved it when we lived there - and I like to visit often. The pincushion is great; saw it in one of MS's magazines and I love the one you made; nice job.

    Way to go with the babe! It is a bit of an ordeal but sounds like you did great - always helps when people are so helpful. This is such a nice time of year although I remember there was always one huge storm in March (what with global warming that may have changed) that left a huge dump of snow and then spring came....

  7. You're in the "pink" this weekend! And it's a good thing ... seeing family is special.

  8. Ohh, I love the pincushion idea, now I'm going to take it and run! Yours look beautiful!

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