Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Anny needs...

Here's a peak at my Socktober socks right before I start froggin' ...again. Given that the yarn is the same weight as my previous socks and the ball band gauge info was identical. I thought it completely unnecessary to swacth. WRONG! They're still way too big. It's a shame to frog these though because as you could tell from the picture, the self-patterning somehow created a wonderful chevron in the varigated row. That probably won't happen again but hey, at least they'll fit (hopefully).

Now for some fun...I saw this meme on Rainberry Blue yesterday and had to try it. You simply google your name followed by "needs" and see what comes up. Here's what "anny needs" generated. No filtering, these are the actual top 5:

  1. The Anny's needs tend to align most strongly with commercial needs (especially when it comes to yarn).
  2. Anny needs no introduction (enough said!).
  3. Anny needs no booze (that depends on whether I'll have to re-re-frog the Soctoberfest socks).
  4. United States Needs to Scale Down Oversized Anny (now I know I could probably use a jog but this seems wholly unnecessary).
  5. Anny need absolutely to be disciplinate (I don't know about that one).

I guess that says it all. LOL.



  1. That yarn is lovely! That is my favorite color combination: pink and brown. Sorry you have to frog them, but I am sure you will be happier with them later :)

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