Friday, October 21, 2005

Neapolitan ice cream socks

One Soctoberfest sock down. One to go. It's a good thing we don't have ice cream in the house because if there were I'd surely be sporting it on my hips!

Don't these look exactly like neapolitain ice cream? They're knit from Confetti Superwash and while I love the colour, the dye is inconsistent with lots of bare spots where the colours meet. Very annoying. Nevertheless, I love my ice cream sock and can't wait to have a finished pair.

I'm looking for a simple pattern for a knitted baby hat with earflaps. I love this beautiful one knit by Julie, but don't want to buy a whole book just for this pattern. I've been looking for a free pattern online and haven't had any luck yet. Maybe I'll try to figure it out on my own (very scary thought...when it comes to knitting, I need direction). We'll see...

Now for the true highlight of my day...
I mentionned in an earlier post that my little Jules won't take naps during the day and is especially fussy this week with the teething and all. Michelle left a comment about how her baby swing had worked wonders for her so I thought it may be worth a shot seeing as nothing else we tried seemed to help.

I did some research at epinions, picked one out, and had my husband buy it on his way home from work. We chose the Fisher Price Nature's Touch Baby Papasan Cradle Swing. As a cradle swing, it can rock side-to-side or front-to-back which I thought was a nice feature. Another nice feature... it matches our living room!

Julian went from fussy to sleepy in under 7 minutes. Love it!!!


  1. Anonymous12:29 a.m.

    Those socks are awesome... and look sooo cozy!

    I need to learn how to do that!

  2. Love your socks ! they look terrific. Your photos are always fabulous.

    If you're ever in NDG, we would love to see you at one of our knitting get togethers !

  3. I love the colors of your sock! Very yummy. How wonderful that the babyswing did the trick! One of the greatest inventions. ;-)

  4. That sock looks great, and yes, very ice creamy!!

    Hooray for finding a solution to the fussy babyness. You'll both be much happier for it. I never even thought to suggest a swing, and you know what?! I had the same problem when my daughter was a baby. She wouldn't nap during the day and wanted to be held all.the.time. Then we bought the FisherPrice Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing, and it worked miracles!

    Happy knitting (and napping!!)

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