Friday, October 14, 2005

Little mittens

My little Jules has been a little more cranky than usual in the past few days. At 3 months he sleeps through the night from about 9:30 pm to 6 or 7 in the morning. After a quick feed he usually falls right back asleep until about 10am. This is just great. Problem is, he doesn't nap during the day. I keep telling him that all the other little babies are taking afternoon naps but he just doesn't believe me. He's just so tired in the afternoon but he works himself into a tizzy and then just can't calm himself down. I don't know what to do. Hopefully this is just a phase and will soon pass.

Meanwhile, I just don't get to put in much knitting time during the day. So I was really happy to come accross this pattern. In just a few hours I was able to complete his very first pair of mittens. They are red thumbless mitts with a moss stitch heart detail (which doesn't photograph very well unfortunately). I just love the way they turned out. He seems to like them too and doesn't mind having them on. Straight to his mouth they went for a little taste.

Some progress on my Soctoberfest socks. I've got one cuff and leg done and the gauge is finally right. I'm now working on the heel flap which seems to be taking FOREVER. It's my least favourite part of sock knitting. Can't wait to get to the gusset. Hopefully tomorrow...



  1. Your baby and the mittens are adorable. Perhaps he wants to stay up and watch the action going on around the house? My oldest would not go to sleep until we were in bed, then he would sleep through the night. My secret to getting him to sleep in the morning (so I could shower..hehe) was his baby swing and a really old Sesame Street singing video.

  2. Anonymous3:40 p.m.

    He sleeps from 9:30pm until the morning??? Aaahhhh, that sounds absolutely blissful to me. I'm lucky if my 3 month old little guy is down by 11.

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