Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mommy mittens and money laundering

Knitting seems to have taken over my life. I get so obsessed with finishing a project that I go to bed at the wee hours of the night (morning), the laundry is piling up, we're having McDonald's for dinner and the house...well it's needing some attention. So this morning I thought that I should pull myself together and set aside one day a week to attend to household chores. Dare I say it...a NON KNITTING day.

Well I made it to 1pm. That was a dumb idea anyway. Plus McDonald's has it's Monopoly contest going and we're only missing like 30 pieces to win!

So I finished my Fleece Artist mittens, but not before I laundered and machine dried a 10 dollar bill left in my husband's pants! It came out looking like one of those "new" bills you get from the bank machine: crispy clean. There's nothing to this money laundering thing. Really the perma press wash cycle and the fluff dryer setting work wonders. The bill is also spring-time fresh! So if you've got dirty money... LOL!

Kidding aside let me get to the fleece artist. It is soooo yummy. I bought this kit from Ram Wools a few weeks ago. The wool and mohair knit up together beautifully and on size 7 needles it is a super quick (and marvelously satisfying) knit. This wool is so great. My husband loves these mitts. Good thing the colour is girly or else my mommy mittens would be at risk of a mittnapping!

On the baby front, we finally figured out why Jules hasn't been himself this past week. All this crying and fussiness just isn't like him. He's just a week shy of being 4 months old and my husband and I think he's teething. He got red cheeks yesterday and I thought he had a fever but he didn't. I looked up the signs of teething in one of our baby books and he has ALL the signs: drooling, biting down (lots of nursing ouchies these past couple of days ), red patches on the cheeks, runny nose, fussiness, refusing to nurse. Of course it didn't say how long this would last. Though he's got to grow what? like 24 teeth? Is this going to be our life now?

More about my Socktoberfest sock tomorrow. I'm almost finished the first.



  1. Neglecting the house and the kids' dinners sounds familiar to me and my household!!
    The teething thing comes and goes. And its only 20 teeth.... about 14 months to get them all maybe???? It will get better!
    Our house is teething second time around... my daughter has two loose teeth, and she moans about them hurting too! At least she isn't drooling anymore....

  2. Anonymous7:54 p.m.

    I didn't know not wanting to nurse was a sign of teething. Maybe that's my little guys problem too- he's definitely got the drool thing going.

  3. Your mittens (and money) look great! :)

    As for the teething bit, try soaking a clean washcloth in water, stick it in the freezer and once it's mostly frozen give it to him to chew on. It works wonders!! I hope he's feeling better soon.

  4. Wow, I'm glad to have found another montreal knitting blog! Those are really nice mittens! Sorry to hear about the nursing incident...

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