Friday, May 05, 2006

Daisies and Mason*Dixon

Ta-da! I finished my daisy last night and adorned it with daisies this morning. I stopped myself at 3 and am happy with it. I also machine washed and dried it and gave it a good steaming and turns out that the cotton tots is pretty okay afterall. It's still a little numbly but the softness and easy care make up for it.

I finished the hood late last night after my husband fell asleep with the little one and had to wake him up (the hubby) extra early this morning to help me with the grafting. Yup, that's right, my husband is my grafting secret. Just can't do it without him! He reads the instructions to me as I graft and totally astonished me at 6 am this morning when, after grafting about half of the stitches, he put down the book and continued to give me instructions from memory! He's actually figured it out. I think that now that he understands the grafting logic enough to instruct me from memory, he should get started on a little grafting help program so that I can manage to finish my socks on my own without waking him up extra early!!! I could tell the wheels were turning so say tuned...

I started knitting my first dishrag this morning. It's the ballband dishrag from Mason*Dixon Knitting and it's knitting up so fast and the slip stitch pattern is so clever. I bought the day-glow orange and pink Sugar'n Cream from Mary Maxim (see sidebar for link to shop) specifically for this dishrag and since I have no other purpose for it, I'll keep making dishrags 'til its gone.

I bought the book as soon as it was available (I had it on pre-order) and must say that I was a little disappointed when I got it because while the writing style is so puny and great and the patterns and ideas are so original, there's not much in there I'd actually knit. And the things I think are cool are just so involved that I don't think I could commit to them long enought to finish them. Case in point, the mitered square bed cover.

How cool is that? Maybe I will be tempted to knit it someday because I really love it, but what I really want is for someone else to knit it give it to me as a present! And this, of course, would only happen in my alternate universe! I love the caption on the bottom of that photo in the book though. It says "don't be shy about letting company see that you've knitted an entire bedspread. (They already know you're crazy.)"

Another really cool idea I may work on if ever I'm pregnant and on bedrest! Is the aptly named 'moses basket - ambitious grandmother version'. I do have a basket though that I got for Julian which would be perfect with a handknit liner. Hmmm. If only time stood still!

Have a great weekend ;0)


  1. I love your Daisy cardigan. I have that pattern too. I may be inspired to knit one up as a baby gift now after seeing yours. I love the colors of your discloth too. Nice and bright. I do not think that we will get that book in Australia any time soon though, so my dishcloths may have to wait, and the moses blanket is cute too.

  2. Anonymous8:25 p.m.

    I like the Moses Blanket, it wouuld make a nice present.

    The little sweater turned out darling!

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  3. That is what I hate about some knitting books and magazines - there is only one or two patterns in it that I like or would actually knit. However, that hasn't stopped me from buying some of the

  4. It would be wonderful if time stood still! Thanks for posting that stuff about the book ... I'm always willing to jump in and buy a book before I even know what its about just to have another book. Perhaps this one will be on my wishlist for a long time, but not on my book shelf real soon.

    The Daisy cardigan looks beautiful! I am planning to do one for my cousin's baby with a special flare that he and his wife will LOVE. If you want to know what the flare will be you'll just have to keep reading my blog! LOL

  5. I just love the daisy sweater. Where did you get the pattern? I might like to knit it up for the great-granddaughter. And yellow would be cute on her too. Happy knitting!

  6. Anonymous1:00 p.m.

    I totally want to do the modern baby blanket and some log cabining. The only problem I have is that it involves so many colors and I am just imagining all the bits and bobs of random color I may be left with.

  7. Anonymous3:47 a.m.

    This cardigan is so absolutely gorgeous, what a great job you did with it! And I'm absolutely impressed by your hubby, how cool is that - he memorized the grafting instructions? Yay for your husband!

  8. Anonymous8:12 p.m.

    very darling cardigan.

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