Friday, May 12, 2006

Lemon meringue shoes

Remember the tiny little daisy mary janes I knit last week? Off to the gift pile they went since I didn't know anyone who was expecting a pink!

Well it turns out I did know someone expecting a pink: Froggie Meanie! So naturally I've got to send them her way. I'm considering it part of Julian's dowry. You see, Renee's got two baby girls and they're the only 2 I know of Julian's generation so I figured it would be a good idea to get in there early and try to woo them on his know, until he can do so on his own. LOL!!! Just kidding. He's staying with his mama forever and ever ;0)

I thought I'd try knitting a bigger pair of shoes for Claire too, the new baby's sweetest older sister. I used the same pattern from She's Crafty but used worsted weight cotton tots at a gauge of 19 st/4" instead of the recommended 30 st/4". The finished shoe is 5.5 inches long which according to this site is how long an 18-24 month old's feet are. They seem huge to me though, but I'm really bad guesstimating what will fit a growing baby. Everytime I go shopping for clothing for Julian, it seems so ginormous, like he'll never fit in them and yet sooner or later he can't fully extend his legs in those sleepers and getting onesies off is sometimes such a challenge that I swear he's grown up a size while wearing it!

Okay, back to the booties. It's really a feat that I didn't eat them. Yup, you read that right. I happen to have a thing for lemon meringue pie (my favourite). We bought a great new handsoap at a local discount store on the weekend and it has the sweetest, creamiest, freshest lemon scent I've ever had the pleasure to sniff and I've been washing my hands a frillion times a day since just so I can indulge in the sweet smell.

So while I was enjoying the scent and knitting up the bigger booties, they started to actually look like lemon meringue pie and it took and incredible amount of focus and self-restraint to keep from ripping out the needles and eating them whole ;0)

But I made it and so off they go to Claire and her baby sister. I hope they fit okay and that they like them as much as I do.

I hope I have the pleasure of a girly girl of my own someday. They're so fun to knit for!

Have a great weekend!


  1. The slippers are darling! Claire will love having a pair to match her baby sister! I had a chuckle at your saving up for Julian's dowry, because the other day we were at Michael's boss' house visiting and they have a son who is 6 months older than Lily. The two of them were playing and Michael shouted over "Lily, you can date him when you're 16!" and his boss said something in agreeance and so Michael said "You'd better start saving up that dowry now." LOL

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  2. Those slippers are unbelievably cute. You know what it is? You have a perfect eye for adding just the right thing or not adding anything. Some people do too much, some people don't know how to spice it do just right. Bravo! Is the larger bootie photographed on a tablecloth? Love it! Is it vintage or does it just look vintage. I really need to spice up my new kitchen (all tan), but paint isn't an option right now. I'm thinking curtains and tablecloths. (And yes, it does look like pie!)

  3. Oh what a treat to have slipper-shoes for big sister as well! She'll be dancing in them I bet. Who wouldn't love them?

  4. And this is why you should never knit hungry :)

    Those shoes are adorable, and I'm sure the recepients will be thrilled.

  5. Woo hoo! We are sooo excited Chez Froggie Meanie! Your generosity is unparalleled and I'm sure the girls will be sweet in them. Claire loves footware and is totally going to swoon. She tells me about "soooos" (aka "shoes") about a thousand times a day.

    Julian is so cute that I hardly think we'd require a dowry of him.

  6. Anonymous11:42 a.m.

    way to think ahead! When I got married, my husband's mom started showering me with jewelry that she had bought for years and years waiting for the wedding day. It was so sweet, and led me to tease my husband forever, "thank you for marrying my son!"

  7. Anonymous1:24 p.m.

    They adorable. You are so thoughtful! I have a daugther too...nice cute little thing, lol, she won't need any wooing, she loves boys, lol, especially Harry Potter, hehehehehe.

  8. The shoes are so cute! It is hard gauging the size because when you think it is huge, it turns out fine but it is the circumference or something. Very nice gesture of you and I have to admit, first time I have been able to witness the passing on of a dowry. 20 years from now we can all say, "we remember when...." I have to say I share your lemon passion as well; nothing beats it!

  9. Anonymous11:22 p.m.

    These are adorable but I'm not that great at knitting. Do you have a similar one in crochet.