Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday, eleven thirty pm

What a day. What a glorious day! Ever have one of those days when everything just feels right in the world? Like it's a good place? And life is wonderful? And you are so grateful? So so grateful? Well I'm having one of those days. First, meet my yarn tribute to Shmootzy, my husband's beloved family kitty who sadly passed away just a few short weeks ago.

I knit her from this pattern using some Peruvian Alpaca I've had in the stash forever. The gray leftovers were sent to Darla who has just realised that she is going to be one ball short of the stuff for a sweater she's been knitting for her husband. Turns out the stuff is no longer available and luckily, she found it in my stash through a google search since I had flashed my entire stash for Flash your Stash Day way back in April.

How cool is that? So I sent it to her wishing for some good knitting Karma in return and I feel I got it in knitting Schmootz. She was fun and quick to knit, is a perfect use for the stash alpaca, cheered up my husband and is cute to boot ;0) And now I don't have to worry about what I'm gonna knit with 1 ball of the stuff now that it's found a better home.

This was my first official mother's day and boy did daddy treat me. I sent him out to run some errands yesterday and he returned with an lunch and an ice cappucino, a dozen cream roses and a red one from Jujube, some yummy strawberry turnovers, and all of the supplies for rigatoni with meat sauce and garlic bread...which he made! He also let me pick out some fancy stitch markers which we ordered last night. Aren't they great? Oh, and I also picked up a bunch from this place ...soooo cuuute! What a guy! I hope I can make him feel as loved and special on father's day ;0)

After church today, we went to lunch with Stephen's family which was great. I was really glad we made it to church because we got to see a family friend before she left for South Africa. She is a nurse leaving on a one year mission to an ophanage to care for children living with AIDS. Her compassion is so inspiring. The priest gave her a special blessing at the end of the mass and then parishioners kept coming to see her to offer money from their pockets, suitcases, supplies, offers to pay for shipping if she couldn't fit all the donations in her suitcase, etc... Really, it was a beautiful thing. People are kind and generous and giving when moved to do so.

Speaking of which, Cynthia urgently needs blue 5 inch squares for Warming Justin (Grace's friend at the Alberta Children's Hospital). Justin has liver cancer and is living on borrowed time. Cynthia wants to put together a blanket for him and needs to get 63 blue squares this week. Wanna help? Go see her!

Finally, I thought I'd show you what the floor next to our bed looks like at 11:30pm on a Sunday night. What a mess! The background blue fabric is a giant japanese mat we put down there in case Julian falls out of our bed again (yup, he still sleeps with us), then there's tons of knitting books and magazines, the knitting bag I use to carry stuff from the living room to my room and back again throughout the day which currently contains my planned igloo square for Cynthia, the white project is a rooster idea I had (the red and yellow yarn will hopefully cement the idea), then of course my purse, yesterday's jeans and belt, Peter Rabbit and the new Martha Stewart magazine. And to my right lays my sleeping beauty (see photo above).

Now if I could only keep the slumber at bay long enough to figure out how to turn a dishrag into an igloo!

Oh, and last thing, for real this time: how cool is this? Sure made me feel really special. Thanks Beth J., whoever you are ;0)


  1. What a sweet sleeping baby pic! :)

    I love those acloset markers too, and the etsy seller has some great ones I feel a hankering for now, looking at your link...

    Happy mothers day :)

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  2. what a great mother's day - glad your boys made it so special. and how cool are you, getting a mention on shelterrific! to think, we can say "we knew her when..."

  3. You are one lucky lady. Love the stitch markers. Glad your day was wonderful.

  4. What a fantastic mother's day! Your two guys really spoiled you rotten, eh? Good, because you deserve it! :)

    Julian is so sweet. We saw our friends' baby girl on the weekend and seeing babies always makes me crave another one ... no more though ... just puppies from here on out. LOL

  5. Those kinds of days are so sweet; they just feel so good. It sounds like you had a wonderful family day - you have worked hard; enjoy it! I love the markers - very cool. Thanks for the promo on Justin; he needs the energy we can send his way. Nice props for you on the blogsite - you deserve it; you have a lovely style and a crafty eye! I love your "mess," it feels good when work is in progress.

  6. Oh I love your Schmootz ... love, love, love him. I must make one too!

    You sure had a nice day. We had floods here ... but our house stayed dry on a hill while roads around us were being closed off. I still had a nice Mother's Day tho ... knitted ALL day!!

  7. Super De Duper! I am so encouraged to make this little cat type fella. I'm going off to gather as soon as I sign off. I enjoy your blog, let me tell you!

  8. Anonymous9:19 p.m.

    Lovely baby! I also like your cute critter you knitted. I'm thinking of making him from some scraps for my neice.