Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday miscellany

First, I feel I should warn you that my recent knitting projects are BRIGHT! I'm talking day-glow bright. Check out these socks:

Remind you of anything? Oh, I don't know, how about Newfoundland? The rock? The yarn is Regia's Canadian line. Each province has it's own colourway and this one, well this one is Newfoundland. Granted, I've never been to Newfoundland but if I had to describe it as a colour, this carnival and bubble gum colour would not be it! Dontcha just love it though? I predict that these will be my new favourite socks. I love how the stripes are of different widths and there's nothing I love more these days than orange and pink together so: Go Newfoundland!!! Oh, why didn't I get the Quebec colourway and show some provincial pride? Quebec sucks! Well the Regia Quebec anyway. Newfoundland is much better! (Nova S cotia is nice too ;0)

Speaking of orange and pink. Here's my finished Mason*Dixon washrag. I was so eager to finish it that I cast off a full repeat too soon. Oops! It's still a good size though so it's fine. Just like I thought, there's lots of Sugar'n'cream leftover...probably enough for one or two more of these.

We participated in the Bell Walk for Kids yesterday and had lots of fun. Julian even met the CFCF12 mascot (though he was asleep in the stroller for all the other mascots). Stephen and I have been participating in the walk for 4 years and are really supportive of the cause, esapecially now that we have a child of our own. The walk is in support of Kids Help Phone which is an anonymous counselling service for kids and teens of any age.

I saw a lot of colleagues there too (I work for Bell) and it was really nice to catch up with everyone. I'm really sad to be going back to work and will greatly miss spending all this time with my Jubilee Bubilee but would be lying if I said I wasn't also looking forward to going back to work.

Of course, the whole return is being made easier by my mother-in-law who is taking a sabbatical from her gradeschool teaching career to care for Julian next year. She is just so excited about it. My father-in-law is retired and will also enjoy spending time with the little guy. It's going to be great! She's even going to pick him up in the morning so we won't have to rush him in the morning and he can just wake up when he pleases. We're really lucky. And also very grateful!

Well, tomorrow is Parenting Book Blog Along day so I better go find a quiet spot and read the next chapter in the book. It's a long one too ;0)



  1. Anonymous8:55 p.m.

    I can't seem to find pictures of the sock yarns for the other provinces -- like mine (NB)! -- even on the Mary Maxim site. Have you seen them in the flesh, I mean wool?

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  2. yay - blogger is cooperating! i can finally leave you a comment! so i loved daisy, especially the hood ;-) and those bright socks are AWESOME, as is the washcloth (and jujubee, of course!)

  3. Yum- some of my favorite colors!

  4. I love the socks, and I've never been to Newfoundland, but it seems a bit strange to me. Oh well, the socks are lovely, regardless!

  5. Yay for bright colors :)

  6. Anonymous4:18 a.m.

    I am into bright socks too! I don't wear bright colors, but socks they can be as wild as ever and I can wear them :)

  7. I love that colorway. What great socks! Glad your mother-in-law can help out with childcare. We're always so grateful when mine does.

  8. Nope, I wouldn't use those colours to describe Newfoundland either. But the colours are lovely! :)

    The kids help phone is a great cause!! I remember being in highschool and having a friend who really needed someone to talk to who wasn't her age, so I suggested that she call them and they helped her so much. It was great.

  9. Orange and pink is one of my favorite color combinations...I definitely see these socks in my future! (Well, I won't take yours...I'll try to make my own!)

  10. As a native Newfoundlander, I can safely say that Newfoundland is definitely more navy blue, hunter green and white than those cheery colours (which say "Hawaii" to me). Maybe they were trying to reflect our disposition rather than our landscape ;)

  11. OMG I do totally love those colours!!! Gotta get me some of that!

  12. Oh I do like those colors. In fact I have a plan [yarn aready purchased] to knit a yoga mat carrier bag in PINK & ORANGE. Half & half is the plan. Don't know why I picked the combo ... just thought it would be wild. Oh, and my yoga mat is PURPLE.
    Happy knitting!

  13. i think that colour is definatly newfoundland (oh, i'm so proud - i'd swipe em from you if i could!!! size 9 please.) think purity peppermint knobs (, bake apples, partridge berries, (,
    ocean reflected sunsets (, and fun fun times with wild characters (,
    not to mention what's under the water we are surrounded by (
    have i convinced ye naysayers?!
    and the pink and orange m/d washcloth. would make my knees weak with some lime green.