Thursday, February 09, 2006

Are you ready...

...for the big day tomorrow? Remember (as if you would forget) that cast-on is at 2pm local wherever you are. I can hardly wait. I've been training. I've been knitting my Project Linus squares for the Team Canada blanket (taught myself intarsia and a couple of simple lace patterns in the process!). Julian and I have our swag (though until I get my Team Canada Knitting Olympic jersey, I'll be wearing my Canada sweatshirt from the Athens games - I didn't really like the HBC offerings this time around). All that's left to do is prepare snacks and drinks, tidy up and do the laundry cause I ain't doing any housework in the next 16 days! Underwear can be worn inside-out on days 10 through 16 if required...we can always go commando on those last couple of days if really really desperate, heehee!

Knit on!


  1. Maybe I'll have to cast-on at work! They'd understand. lol

  2. LOL ... That's just too funny! When I first told my husband about the Knitting Olympics he said "So the house will be a mess for two weeks, eh?" ... Commando is a great idea, except for Lily since she's not potty trained yet and cleaning up messes will take much longer than changing a diaper ... I will make the commando/laundry announcement tonight. *lol*

  3. LOL @ going commando!!!

    I'm so glad you mentioned that it is 2pm local time where ever we are...I was thinking it was 2 pm eastern which would put it 3pm my time (Atlantic). Man, I would have lost out on an hour of knitting!!

  4. Your blocks are beautiful.
    Good luck with the games!