Friday, February 24, 2006

Day 15: The homestretch...literally!

My Jujube is on the move! I read somewhere once that there are over 40 different documented ways that infants crawl or creep (the most common being alternating hands and knees). My little guy, has adopted the less efficient though much much funnier rocking technique ;0)

He sits there with a toy in each hand and a grin on his face and just rocks and rocks and rocks until he reaches his destination. The coffee table seems to be his destination of choice so far. I think this is probably transitionary because he has also started to get up on all fours and shimmy like Bambi on the frozen pond. Yup, he's growing alright! We are entering a complete new territory and, like all the milestones that came before, it is at once exciting and heartbreaking. He's not a teeny tiny helpless baby anymore. My baby is becoming a boy!

And daddy's coming home tonight! Yay! The week actually went by faster than I thought it would: cute baby, crazy knitting, and Olympics will really help pass the time! My sister came to spend the day yesterday and ended up sleeping over. Her 5 year old son is visiting his grand-parents in Algeria and she hasn't seen him in 2 months (she leaves next week to join him there). So she needed to pass some time too and really enjoyed playing with the baby which was a welcome break for me.

Plus, she wanted to me to tach her to knit! Yay! She really really wanted to make a washcloth. She came with her own needles and yarn and proclaimed when she arrived that she couldn't go back home without a washcloth. Well she did! It's a small washcloth, but a washcloth nonetheless.

So now it's back to Julian and I and I really need to get cracking on that last Olympic sleeve. It's about a quarter of the way done. I already seamed the other sleeve and attached it to the back and fronts which are also seamed. So really all that's left is to finish knitting the sleeve, seam it and attach the collar and then I can stand upon the podium and accept my medal (got to keep my eye on the prize, you know!) And I can't wait because even though I am incredibly proud of myself, I. Really. Don't. Want. To. Knit. Brown. Stockinette. Anymore!

Have a great weekend everyone and resume knitting panic!


  1. Anny,
    I desperately love all of my children, but there is something very special between a mother and her boy. I especially noticed this with my littlest, probably because I KNOW he is the last baby I'll have. It just seems that with boys there is such a small window of sweetness, snuggliness and, for lack of a better word, softness before the world expects them to be big capable men. I am not suggesting that boys need to live up to those stereotypes, but even in the best of situations, the relationship between a mom and her baby boy will change dramatically. Maybe knowing this is what makes each moment so poingnant. Moms and daughters can kind of grow up with each other and will hopefully still share silliness and maybe even a good cry from time to time, but with boys it's just different. All we can do is love them to death and help them to not grow up to be stupid men (just kidding). I know it's cliche and I'm definitely too young to say it, but...enjoy every singly wobbly minute!

  2. Anny,
    By the way...what the heck happens when the Olympic times runs out!!????? Yikes.

  3. Awww, he's moving! I hope you've got the house Julian proofed! It's amazing what they can get themselves into once they start to move. A playpen is your very best friend. *lol*

    Thanks for all the tips regarding a stitch glossary book. :) You rock! :)

    Your sweater is really coming along. I can see a gold metal in your future. :) Happy knitting!

  4. Anonymous6:34 p.m.

    he is on the move, watch out! He is really cute.

    Yay! for hubby coming back :), you see I told ya the time was going to go by really fast.

  5. Anonymous10:18 p.m.

    My god he is cute.

    George isn't moving yet. I think his body is too big. haha. At least this way he stays wherever I plunk him. I am a little nervous about the idea of him being able to move around... Excited- but nervous too.

  6. You're so close! Keep at it (I feel confident that you will). I finished my scarf last night (stayed up til 1:30 because I was so close to finishing it).

    I love that rug in your living room. It's so pretty!

    Yay at Julian moving around...hmm, I wonder if the rocking form method of crawling could be called crocking? What about Rowling? Whatever it is, before you know it he'll be up and walking!

  7. Just wait until he pulls himself up and starts RUNNING! Whoa, my son did at age 9 months and never stopped. [he's now 34]

    As for the Olympics ... Go Anny, Go! You're on a roll & I have faith that you'll finish. As for myself.... I'm taking a moment to pray on it. I'm not too sure about the grand finish. It's going to snow later & hopefully that'll put me back in focus. :) Happy knitting!