Monday, February 27, 2006

Daddy's back!

Stephen returned safely from his business trip on Friday at around midnight, and boy were we happy to see him ;0)

Julian woke up at the sound of daddy's voice and was all babbles and smiles. It was such a nice moment with grins all around. We told daddy our stories and he told us his and then we caught some zzz's before opening our presents on Saturday morning!

I got two new snowglobes for my collection. I started collecting them a few years ago when my husband started to travel more frequently. He brought me one from evey airport he stopped through when shuttling back and forth from Montreal to Indiannapolis. It's amazing really how many different routes there are. This time he went to Boulder, Colorado and had lay-overs in Cincinnati, Ohio (which is apparently also the Northern Kentucky does that work?) and Chicago, Illinois. He couldn't find a Chicago snowglobe but I did get a really cute Kentucky one with horsies and a white fence and a Cinncinati one.

And Jujube got a whole bag of "vroom vroom vehicles" from the Discovery store. Naturally, he first fell in love with the packaging though we were able to get it out of his grip and trade it for the actual toys. The bag though was really engineered to get the attention of little ones: the handle had 3 rattling beads attached to it and the zipper pull was a large stuffed target. The funny (and annoying part) is that printed right there on the bag chock full of bells and whistles was the "this is not a toy warning"! To me that's the safety equivalent of a tickle me elmo lighter! Bags are dangerous. You need to print that on it to protect yourself from litigaton if a child is suffocated by said bag, yet you cover it with actual toys that will appeal to infants? That makes me nuts! But I digress because this post is already long enough ;0)

I spent the rest of Saturday madly knitting the last sleeve of my Olympic cardigan and seaming it all up. Then, I put it on and it was not flattering. It fit because it is stretchy, but really it did not look good. All that extra bulk in the already plump mid-section was enough to propel me right into my next challenge: finally drop the mommy weight. Afterall, it has been 8 months since I popped out the baby! So in 10 pounds, I'll probably feel a lot better about the cardigan and promise a modelled Olympic cardigan picture then ;0)

Congratulations again to all the Olympians! These were awesome games and I'm looking forward to 2010 (or is it 2008?).



  1. Cheers to you for making it solo! ;)

  2. I love the globes! I think it is way neat that hubby gets them for you. You are definitely on his mind at all times--very nice to know that we are loved :).

  3. Glad hubby got home safely. The globes are really cute.

    The next olympics is in 2010 in Vancouver apparently.

  4. Kentucky and Ohio border each other and Cincinnati is southern enough in Ohio that it is very near Kentucky. We have a friend that lives in Covington, KY and works every day in Cincinatti. I didn't realize that they shared an airport, though. I like the snow globes and I TOTALLY agree with your comments about the bag Julian's toy came in. Do you get the impression that not one person in the toy industry has a child of their own??!! Glad you're all back together. You seem to have a very tightly-knit little family (no pun intended!)

  5. I totally know what you mean about the packaging that little kid stuff comes in ... Crazy!!

    Your snowglobes are great.

    I don't know if it'll be 2010 or 2008 ... both seem so far away.

  6. What a neat collection! Your cardigan looks great. Hopefully you will be able to wear it confidently soon, although I'm sure it looks great on you already.