Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Seeing red...

Okay. Technically, Project Spectrum doesn't begin until tomorrow, but I'm already seeing red and couldn't wait any longer!

Lolly (yes, the Socktoberfest Lolly) had a brilliant idea to challenge knitters...and it's all about colour babee! The idea is simple. Every month is assigned a colour (or colours) and the challenge is to be inspired by them. Inspired to knit of course, but also to create, craft, cook, garden, whatever. I've already been planning projects for every month and can't wait to get started.

Every month, I plan to knit, sew, craft, cook and bake the colour of the month. I've been wanting to expand my crafty repertoire for a while and Project Spectrum is just the creative push I needed and I will embrace it for all it's worth ;0)

I thought I'd start with a photo-essay. Above is the first pic. It is of all the red and pink books that grace my shelves (click the photo to get a better look at the titles). Who knew there were so many! Oh, did I mention the colours for March are pink and red? No? Okay, the colours this month are pink and red, eh!

I've got some sewing, cards, baking, and of course knitting planned. I started working on Bristow before the Olympics and will be finishing it this month. I'm also really eager to start knitting Odessa, a Grumperina original available for free from the February Magknits. The lovely Isela is hosting a knit along for Odessa where I've been drooling over everyone else's lovely beadwork for several weeks already. Can't wait to have something of my own to show.

So Odessa's going on the needles tonight...well as soon as I get all the beads on first. The pattern calls for 150 beads in size "EE". I've never beaded before so I'm really not sure about the difference between say, sizes "E" and "EE." I found the perfect glass beads for a song at Walmart, but they were size "E." I bought them anyway because they were the perfect subtle shade for my Phildar Frimas in colourway "Tamaris." Hope it works out alright.


  1. Pretty. Have fun with Odessa!

  2. You are so inspiring me! Right now I only have a pair of red socks planned...but now I want to do other things too if I find the time. Not sure what just yet, but I want to do other things...lol

  3. No down time for you! I love the books, but I haven't zeroed in on the titles yet. I was looking at the Spectrum sight. Maybe I'll focus on some pics, too...don't know. I love to bake, too...maybe I'll do some fantastic sugar cookies or something. It's a cool idea, eh?

  4. Just looked at the book pic closer. You have a real eye for composition. The only books there that I have are the Dr. Seuss book (who creeps me out!) and the Maeve Binchy book (who I love). Great job!

  5. I followed you here from the Silent K partly because I wanted to leap over the blog fence and tell you -- that feeling you have, about how all the big stories have been told and how you're now just a spectator on the sidelines of life? YESYESYES I know that feeling exactly and I sobbed about it passionately after my first child was born because I felt like instead of being cast in the lead role of my life (starring me) I was now "...and supporting others." It does get (a little) better. Really. And there are new stories and you will still get big storylines. I'm still figuring out what they are but they're there.

    Oh, and now that I'm here, I'm definitely coming back to snoop on Odessa which I think is a lovely pattern and will be perfect in pinky red.

  6. Anonymous3:48 a.m.

    I had to take a look at my books and sad to say that I only have one red book, and one pink. Yarns, I do have tons of reds and pinks.

    Odessa is going to look beautiful in pink

  7. Anny I continue to love your blog; stylish, coherent and just plain nice. Excellent job. And your baby is so bloody cute! I am also participating in Project Spectrum and I love your intro to the Project - you are in the pink (and red) girl!

  8. You put the beads on first? How does that work??