Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day 6: Cautiously optimistic

I made good progress on my Olympic cardigan today, finishing the right front. So that leaves the left side, two sleeves and the collar to complete within the next 10 days. I'm feeling pretty good about it.

My problem right now is that I can't find a suede ribbon to tie it with. According to the pattern, I will need 1 yard of 1 1/4 inch brown suede ribbon for the closure. I already checked a few local fabric stores and Wal-Mart without success.

Any leads on where I could get this online? And get it delivered before the end of the games? To Canada? My plan B is to use a grosgrain or satin ribbon. Plan C is a button and loop.

The picture above is not that great today so you might not have noticed my Valentine day cupcake (or worse that the picture shows off both the completed back and the completed right front).

But back to the cupcake, it was a treat from my honey. He also got me chips, cherry blossoms, a strawberry-rhubarb pie, and a pizza and cesar salad dinner. What's that they say? Never grocery shop when you're hungry? Plus, I think he feels bad about his trip ;0) Pie makes up for everything, doesn't it?

With all this junk, I sure hope the sweater fits when it's done! We've been ordering out since the Olympics began... Thankfully, it's just 2 weeks every other year. Cooking will resume when (a) the sweater is complete or (b) the games are over. Whichever comes first.

Knit on!


  1. try Ruban Bouton on St-Denis here in Montreal.

  2. Why is it so hard to get good pictures of knit items? I'm sure it's all about lighting, blah, blah, blah! Thanks so much for the help with the Olympic timer...I got it to work!! Wonder what happens when the timer runs out?? Can't we think up some clever Y2K slogan for knitting???

  3. That cupcake is so cute and looks so yummy!

  4. Hi Anny, hope you've made contact with Ruban Bouton. I'm sure that Richard will be able to help you.

    Rubans Boutons
    4818, rue Saint-Denis,
    Montréal, QC H2J 2L6

    Tonight is the Knitting Olympic Celebration at the St-Viateur bagel cafe. Hope you can come. Action starts by 7pm. Olympic Knitting jerseys welcome !!

  5. Anonymous1:26 p.m.

    Hey, we had the same cupcakes on Valentine's day! LOL! ;) LOVE Julian wearing the hat picture. He is too cute for words!!! My 'baby' is turning 5yo tomorrow so hug your little one for me. ;)

  6. That cupcake looks yummy! So sweet of your hubby to get you goodies! Mine thinks i need to loose weight...sigh...
    I like your little strip of pattern pieces showing your progress, cool idea. And, lastly, i finally started my olympic knitting yesterday! With the new baby it has been a nightmare trying to decide, and find time to knit, plus we dont have any great shops to find this stuff so i needed to order something a long time ago but anyway,,,I was inspired by your shawl collar sweater you made for your little one and i happened to have that book checked out from the library already and i found some cute yarn that was ok as a substitute for the Debbie Bliss and so I have begun the challenge! I think i can finish it!

  7. You're moving right along yourself. Nice job! Can't wait to see all the finished projects.

    I saw your start at quilting ... very nice. I have a Quilter inside of me also, trying to get out! At least you have someone to teach you. Good luck with it. Believe it or not, my favorite part is the hand quilting. (not machine) Call me crazy!

  8. I have every confidence that you'll get your sweater made in time. Looking good so far!

  9. Anne, Thank you for the counter, Team Wisconsin will be happy to see the minutes counting down. Happy Knitting!!

  10. Weird, I tried to post a comment earlier and it wouldn't let me. *shrug*

    The sweater is coming along beautifully. I have complete faith that you'll finish on time and find a suitable ribbon for it.

    Thanks for the counter, it's awesome! :)

  11. Hi

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm not sure you would need to knit the sleeves narrower if it is for your husband. I'm 5'2" and UK size 8-10, 8st wringing wet, so I always knew a man's "small" size was going to be a little on the big side. I think with the pattern and my sweater they're too wide simply because I should have done the decreases on the sleeves much more frequently than in the pattern. As it was I had to frog back about 4 or 5 inches on the sleeves after I'd washed and blocked it, to get the right sleeve length, which didn't help. My sleeves are about 14" wide at the wrist. What I should have done is taper the sleeves much more by decreasing say every 3 or 4 rows instead of what was in the pattern (which I think was every 6 rows?)

    I hope that helps. It's a great pattern to knit, I'm sure your husband will love it!

    Good luck!