Sunday, February 19, 2006

Day 10: Just the two of us

My husband just left for Colorado and it was so much harder to say good-bye now that there's 3 of us. It's his first business trip since Julian was born and I'm hoping it's the last (though I know it won't be).

He left his previous job because they had him travelling back and forth from Montreal to Indiannapoils every week for 6 months straight starting the week after we got married and moved in together. That really sucked! Anyway, I absolutely hate it when he travels. I know airplanes are safer than cars but it still makes me so nervous.

I'm sure our little Jujube has no clue that there will be no daddy all week, but he had a really rough night (he just about drove us bonkers crying for two hours solid with no apparant reason) and though he did get some sleep afterall (thank goodness) he cried all morning while daddy was getting ready to leave. Maybe he could feel our apprehension and nervousness and was reacting to that? He's finally asleep now and hopefully it'll be a nice long nap so mommy can get back to her Olympic knitting.

Incidently, I actually started to knit when he travelled to Indiannapolis. Knitting is so relaxing to me and requires just enough concentration to keep my mind off my nerves and it is such a lovely (and productive way) to pass the time. So if Julian cooperates this week, I'm pretty confident that I can finish my Olympic knitting in time.

Speaking of which, I finished the second front yesterday and cheated on my project a bit to finish the back of bristow (I needed the needle ;0) As planned, I started the collar next and I think it's going to be a long, long time before it's done. It's 242 stitches wide for the love of yarn! The good thing is that it's a different yarn so it actually feels like a new project. It is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and I love it. It is so soft! I'd love to make a whole sweater out of this stuff sometime, it's the best yarn I've had the chance to knit with (so far)!

Knit on!


  1. I understand how hard it is to have dh travel while your home with little one. My dh travels A LOT, and I got back to knitting and sewing because of it. My dh also works late, so he sometimes doesn't see the kids, but for 15 minutes before heading off to work in the morning. I learned to plan more events or outings during those times to keep the kids minds off the fact that dh isn't home--library, walks, mall window-shopping, and lunch out. For my down-time, I rent a lot of chick flicks that I know dh doesn't want to see and tons of magazines to flip through while in bed.

    Share this time with your jujube. Believe me, I love us 4, but I kind of like us 3--me and the kids running amuck in the house. Dh tends to be the one to have us quiet down, makes us wear our slippers in the house, and picks up after us. So enjoy!

  2. {{{hug}}} I hate it when my hubby goes away too.

    You're doing great on your sweater! Woohoo!!

  3. What an adorable picture! You really have a good eye. I like the "birds-eye" view, but you can still the huge grin on your little one's face. Happy knitting and mommying (a new word!).

  4. I totally sympathize - my husband travels frequently for business, usually overseas for weeks at a time. I've found ways to make it a positive thing for me and for us. I hope your little one will be good company for you while your hubby's gone, and I hope you will find ways to enjoy the alone time. :)

  5. Just think how happy you'll be when hubby comes home :o)

    Hope you were able to get your knitting done, and that Julian settled down.

  6. Your sweater is moving along nicely. You have one of the cutest baby's. I have to say that cause my granddaughter is #1 of course.
    Scroll down to Nov 2 I think! and there is a pic of my Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. The yarn is to die for. Like knitting with butter. Worth every penny.

  7. The sweater progress is coming along great. Knit, knit, knit :).
    May the week pass swiftly...just keep your thoughts on the day he comes back :).

  8. My DH travels almost every week for a night or two. I hate it! The worst is when they come back and say how tired they are from travel when you try to tell them that their child is making you nuts because you've been the only one with them for days. But I digress....

    Hey, I can give you my finished sleeves and we can have a sweater between us!