Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Day 5: Getting past 'Crash Monday'

The CBC's Ron Maclean called it "Crash Monday" in reference to all the horrific crashes yesterday: 6 luge crashes, 4 downhill crashes, 2 speed skating crashes, and the Chinese pair figure skating crash. Years of dreaming, training and sacrifice ... It's so devastating.

But how about those Chinese skaters? That was a hard fall. It was painful to watch the first time and even worse with every slow-mo replay thereafter. For most, that would be the end. I couldn't believe it when she skated it off and went on to have a great silver-medal deserving skate less than 2 minutes later. Even without the great performance, just the fact that she found the courage, strength and determination to not let that fall define her Olympic experience, and to shake it off and continue was truly an inspiring Olympic moment. That's what it is all about.

So, inspired, I picked up my needles again, ripped back to the error and finished the back. I started the right front and fell into a wonderful rhythm... Yeah, I can totally do this. I can finish it. Whatever it takes...

Little did I know that crash Monday was not over. My husband came home with the news that he needs to fly to Colorado on business next week! He flies out on Sunday afternoon and returns next Friday night leaving me alone with a teething baby on the verge of crawling for 120 straight hours right in the Olympic home stretch! Don't panic. Keep focus. Focus. I can totally do this. Right? Julian will coach me through it... Go mommy go!


  1. The only Olympic coverage I get is NBC's in the evening and it's very American-slanted - maybe because it's an American station ;) - and so I don't watch much of it because I'm interested in the Canadians. I wish I got CBC!!

    Julian is a doll! Love that picture.

  2. But a SOOPER cute baby!

  3. That baby pic is sooo adorable!

    I heard about the woman skiier who crashed and is out and now has to fly home to Canada to have surgery...that's terrible.

    Maybe you can get someone to come watch Julian while you knit? Or...teach him to knit...lol

  4. you can so do it, anny! little man will take it easy on you, i'm sure. great job on your olympic knits - i need to get moving on mine.

    dh and i adore canada - spent our honeymoon in nova scotia and vacations in ontario - we're cheering for you!

  5. Anonymous8:02 a.m.

    That is the cutest baby picture!!